Official Discussion: August 5th, 2021 Development Update

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so no hotfix tomorrow?

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Could be Monday. Not the end of the world.


Still could be tomorrow, just didn’t have the exact timing yet!


Probably a fix will be released on Monday
I do not want to wait, but it is better to let them do everything well so that most of the problems are fixed and we can again see beautiful views and drink a little personal performance.

but maybe they will issue a fix today. wait)))

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ok. fingers crossed…


please tell me, will the correction affect the quality of the clouds? will they get better in quality? like they were before SU5?

Hi @Jummivana

Are the team looking into installer issues, especially the download loop that is solved by killing the sim, deleting the file, and re-starting the sim?

It’s a bug that has existed since we launched last year, and this patch has proven it is still far too pervasive.


Hey @Nyx1819 ! Yes this that issue specifically is a nightmare for users who experience it every update. I will check on progress with the team on this issue as I don’t know off-hand.

And @dlebedev, it will make the clouds look likes like an “oil painting” as described in a forum thread, as well as add better luminosity.


Something like this?


I’m wondering whether you could also check on the potential comeback of old installer bugs as well. Looping downloads, CTDs, and the simulator attempting to start up with a half-finished installation are all bugs I experienced while downloading on release date, and never had them again until I had to reinstall Sim Update 5 from scratch recently. I’m not really sure what would be the best way to report those, and any crash logs are likely gone now.

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Any update of incorrect button mapping for hotas one on Xbox?

The Thrustmaster HOTAS one on Xbox bug - looks like the team is resolving it and it will be pushed for one of the next updates (either World Update 6 or Sim Update 6).

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This great can’t wait for the next hotfix to come out.

“next few working days” sounds like Monday to me, maybe even later next week. Stand down for the hotfix tomorrow.


IN before people start getting mad because hotfix might not drop tomorrow, even if they already said it could be monday

Does the world just stop functioning on Saturdays and Sundays. Now I’m all for people having time off but, and by the team’s own admission, there have been serious issues brought on by SU5. If they are so serious then why can’t a fix be deployed on a Saturday or Sunday? Actions are louder than words as the saying goes. Now no matter what happens I hope this next fix addresses many of the issues that are occurring because I’m sorry to say the team’s track record on releasing fixes and patches supposedly fixing something is rather poor.


The dev team almost certainly won’t work at the weekend, no. That’s pretty standard.

Even if they did keep a small team on to finish up a few bits on the patch, you’d never want to push it over the weekend while most the team are away, because if any new bug appears you have an extremely limited amount of people to fix it in a hurry. It’s just plain bad practice. Heck, even shipping on a Friday afternoon is considered a bad idea for this same reason. You back yourself into a very dangerous corner.

I think Asobo have done a pretty poor job here with SU5, but I’d much rather the hotfix lands Monday than it being a rush finish at 5pm on a Friday IMHO.


Sat down to play the Xbox build and the key bindings are so ■■■■■ it’s unusable. seems like known Issue from the discord, but can’t find record of it here. What gives.