Official Discussion: Game of the Year Edition

Yes to this bit - Mach 1.6 at optimal altitude - confirmed int he dev Q&A this week. Don’t know about the other bits though.

Lets hope they fix the Bush Trips with this new edition.


I didn’t think you cared about the Bush Trips at all!? :woozy_face:

Today I saw the trailer … EXCELLENT! AMAZING! AWEWSOME!
Only I hope to finally get to see the tropical waters and coral reefs like in the promo trailer.
and I hope don’t see anymore boats and docks under water…
Thanks to MS & Asobo for this great MSFS… I can’t wait for this …

That’s amazing then! Thanks for mentioning it.

I hope missing live weather gust winds at airports get fixed. Asobo fixed them in the custom weather with the last SU6 but not in live weather.

The issue is that winds at any airport in live weather are basically static or +/- 1 kts. There is a large thread dedicated to this here: [BUG LOGGED] No wind gusts regardless of how gust sliders are set. No data displayed in the "Wind Graph". Broken for both PC and Xbox, both manual AND LIVE WEATHER

Missing gust winds in live weather is my no. 1 issue in the sim currently. It makes landings in live weather a bit dull.


I wouldn’t expect to see airport wind gusts unless the current METAR for that airport actually reports gusts. Much of the time, METARS will show a steady state wind.

I don’t know if this answers you, but I tried it on the $1 Game Pass for a couple of months, then just bought it outright while on Game Pass and continued playing, as I recall. It just became digitally owned. I don’t recall having to reinstall. Didn’t continue with Game Pass.

Volocopter! WOOHOOO!

: Ahem :


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I missed this. Does this imply that they fixed the air data? Have they figured out the impact of local air temperatures ahead of and behind shockwaves?

Let’s not forget what temperatures did to altimetry just a couple mons ago…

I started with Gamepass (which I have anyhow) last year and then bought the Premium Deluxe after some months. With a 20% Gamepass Discount, that was a nice touch.

There’s nothing you need to do. It’s just that before you rented the license and now you own it.

The installation stays the same. If you buy Premium or Deluxe you will have to download the Premium or Deluxe package in the Marketplace.

I guess we will soon find out!

Do you guys think that the radar will work in the f18

If Microsoft sees this and if it does not work pls make it do it will make the game so much better we have no study level military aircraft pls can you make the f18 one

There are two issues here:

  1. Gusts are currently not simulated in live weather even when they are reported in METAR. This should be easy to fix.

  2. This is the tricky one. Gusts are only reported in METAR if they deviate by more than 9 kts from the average wind speed. Fortunately, MeteoBlue shows the wind speed in the form of min - max (eg 6-10 kts). The solution would be to blend the METAR constant speed with MeteBlue’s variation.

I suggest everyone to try landing a plane in live weather which uses constant wind speeds and then doing it again in custom weather set to replicate live weather. You will notice how alive the planes feel in custom weather even with light gusts that wouldn’t be reported by METAR.

I would be highly surprised if either the air to air or air to ground radar modes will be implemented, or the targeting pod (infrared + TV cameras and laser range finder) for that matter. This is all technology we have not seen before in the Sim.

DCS has a study level F-18C (ie a Hornet not Super Hornet), which includes all radar modes and the targeting pod.

Will the Super Hornet feature external fuel tanks?
Thank you!

I would like to know if the replay will also be implemented on xbox x / s series?
Thanks for the great job. I
love flying with MFS

Gusts are in the sim now []. I accidentally flew into a typhoon with live weather. Back and forth between overspeed and stall. Heavy turb and it ripped my plane apart.

If you buy Orbx ESSB (Bromma) you will get a fantastic Stockholm update on the purchase.

That’s true, but only when you’re en route. However, you will not see gusts near airports or when landing.