Official Discussion: Game of the Year Edition

So the VoloCity and the other aircraft will be free?

Ok I see thanks for the reply.

Yes that’s correct, everything mentioned in the GOTY article is free for existing users.


I’m going to assume the replay mode won’t be available on console as it’s only available in dev mode. Is this correct?

That’s an awesome news! Never expected it to happen!

Will Stockholm also receive a photogrammetry update?

Love ye.

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New free aircraft are always welcome!


Very cool news!

Could we get clarification on what “dev mode replay” means? Does that mean replay mode will only be available if we enable dev mode? I’d prefer that not to be the case - sounds kind of clunky :confused: very excited for the feature though!

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They covered it in one of Q&A. It will be cumbersome replay tool that they use for trailers. Not very UX friendly. That’s why it will be available in dev mode only for now.

Jorg will clarify a lot of the “New Features” in the article in a presentation during the Q&A tomorrow. :slight_smile:


Tell everyone in your team that I love you guys !!! This is amazing news :smiley:

What a wonderful announcement!

I do however question the inclusion of Miramar MCAS. With their upcoming release to coincide with Top Gun 2, NAS Fallon would have been a better and more realistic choice. US Navy flies the Super Hornet, not the USMC and since 1996, Fallon has been the home of the Naval Fighter Weapons School, not Miramar.

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F18 hornet omg yes let’s go !!!


So if the GOTYE replaces the Standard Edition, does that mean Gamepass users will be using the new GOTY version after the reader date?

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Yes that’s correct!

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To resume

On november 18th, you will have 3 options to buy MSFS :

1- MSFS game of the year edition (which is standard + new content)
2 - MSFS Deluxe (which is Standard + Deluxe + new content)
3 - MSFS Premium (which is Standard + Deluxe + Premium + new content)


Oooohhhhh Brighton has got some love, nice!


…resulted in a great and fun new aircraft with exception capabilities in the simulator.

Ah ha, CTDs from unhandled exceptions confirmed.

Also, can’t wait for the Windows 11 Extra livery. That’s what it’s all about! Oh, I see buried at the bottom weather engine update and DX12. Yeah, that’s cool too I guess. :wink:


The extra fee planes are definitely nice. I wonder how good the PC-6 will be. The new Cub will be fine to fly around game parks and the like.

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Hoping the HUD on the Super Hornet will function properly (functioning velocity vector etc…)

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Wow, what a nice surprise. Thanks!