Official Discussion: Game of the Year Edition

Great Question … and what happens about any DRM 3rd party Aircraft & Scenery you purchased when on MS Game Pass ?

Is there any assurance that they will pass over to the GOTY edition ??

Fix the Achievements and add weekly activities please.”My Way” in particular has been broken since SU5, and Xbox players have not had a chance to do a single weekly activity.

Is there really no beta for this update?

Well, one can hope :slight_smile: The difficulty is in all the modes and functions this radar offers, just showing aircrafts when they are within a certain range is not that difficult I guess. The DCS F-18C radar implements the actual scanning of the radar and allows the pilot to control the sector to scan. There is also stuff like single target tracking, data link symbology and what not. That is probably out of the question for MSFS.

Concerning the DDI, showing the text next to the OSB buttons does not mean the page (and underlying functionality) is implemented. However, I’d like to be proven wrong here.

Do u know what flybywire modes there will be

Hopefully the ddi and all the buttons work that would be so cool

@perrry and @HalberQuacky - do you think they are using SPECI reports as well? So far I’ve never heard any of them or us talk about using SPECIs as well, only METARs.

If they used SPECI reports, it might be a good approach to simulating rapidly changing weather conditions.
There are some limitations however.

With manned stations, the observer can be lazy and not send any SPECIs at all :). The criteria to issue SPECIs are also different throughout the world.

With automated stations there could be an issue of SPECIs being reported too quickly. You can send as many SPECIs as you want during the window between two METARs. The weather engine then could become confused and change the weather in the sim too quickly.

What do you guys think?

I suppose the only way to know for sure would be to sit at an airport with rapidly changing weather and see if the local pressure, temperature or wind changes more than once over the course of the normal one-hour METAR cycle.

I suspect that when METARS were introduced last year for the wind/pressure/temperature values, that Asobo contracted with a third-party data provider (not necessarily MeteoBlue) to push updated METAR reports to the sim. Blending those three values with existing model-based Live Weather would not be too difficult, as they can use a standard algorithm to slowly change from model weather to METAR.

From what I have seen while monitoring the aircraft wind display on approach, it appears that the METAR wind starts to become active at about 1500 feet AGL in descent and within about a 5 mile radius of the airport.The change is rather gradual, and is complete by the time the aircraft is about 200 feet AGL Likewise for surface temperature.

Barometric pressure from METAR appears to extend outwards to a larger distance around an airport, both horizontally and vertically.

I assume they chose to use those three values initially because none produce a visual effect, and having the same surface wind and pressure would be important when flying online with Vatsim, which also uses weather based on current METARS.

“Blending” clouds, precipitation and visibility from METAR with the existing forecast model weather is much more tricky, because all produce a visual effect. Evidently, MeteoBlue is now directly involved in implementing the mix between model and METAR.

The challenge will be when there is a significant difference between the forecast model and the r/w METAR. What will happen if the forecast model predicts an overcast, but the current METAR reports CLR? (Or vice-versa). The same for any disparity between predicted and observed visibility and precipitation.

I guess we will see how this is going to work in a few weeks when SU7 debuts…

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I don’t think GOTY will be a separate “edition” per se, but effectively just an update to everyone, no matter the owned edition of the game. They just package all the stuff they want to give us under the name GOTY.

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It will replace the standard version as far as i understand

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Yes, in that sense, sure. But what we all get and see are just same updates to content for everyone. I think people overthink what it is and isn’t.


Yes, but that’s the whole point. It’s called marketing. :slightly_smiling_face:

In the Dev Q&A they mentioned that the approach mode (engaged when flaps are set to HALF/FULL) is also implemented, so that is good news.

If they manage to inject those properly and accurate wouldn’t we still have issues with weather not matching? METAR is static reports that can be an hour old. The weather changes all the time. I want the weather to feel dynamic as it is IRL. Would be good if they could inject those METARS and then have them dynamically change a bit around those values until the next METAR is available and not have them static. The weather is not static IRL and changes all the time more or less. A thunderstorm can happen instantly and be over in a couple of minutes. They need to have some of the weather simulated in the sim instead of have all of it injected.

Thunderstorms would be cool to see form far away in the horizon dynamically from clear sky and it gets darker and darker with all the clouds that are formed in real time if that is predicted/reported in the area as an example not instantly be there when we start the flight. If those forms in the sim we can plan the route around them as it is now we have those lightnings occuring everywhere around us.

The wind should fluctuate around the value that are injected. Not be static at the reported wind that was measured an hour ago. If it where like that IRL they didn’t need to have METAR reports. They have METAR because the weather changes all the time.

I think they need to have some kind of METAR-reports generated based of the weather that occuring in the sim instead. That way the METAR will always match the sim weather. The sim weather can be dynamic as it should be with the prediction/metar as a guide to the sim what to simulate dynamically.

We will never have the sim weather match real weather that ocuring right now everywhere in the world at the same time anyway. If i’m wrong about that then we will never see the weather change in the sim dynamically as it works IRL. That’s what i’m thinking about it.

Hey man really appreciate your help

Will you add the new passenger terminal at KDBQ it opened in 2015 but not in the sim there’s a new flight school building at the same airport that opened last year with a new parking area as well

Do you know if u will add radar to the super hornet

think you will have to wait for the microsoft combat 2022 to come out to get working radar

hi jane will white dot for PC users will be remove? because i use PS4 controller there is the white dot appear in cockpit

NOTE: I do not know what levels of game will garner this free upgrade on 11-18-2021 (unless delayed) but the “Game of the Year” upgrade is going to be distributed. It’s supposed to have an excellent F-18 plane in it, as well as many of the ones for the Reno Air Races. There are several videos on YT explaing this much better. Assuming, that many little nav bugs will be fixed so other planes will improve as well. The information presented was garnered from one of those videos, yes rumored, but check out those.

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Rather than rumored things, you might check out the latest MS/Asobo twitch broadcast where they specifically discussed these things. The GOTY update is free for ALL current owners of any version of MSFS. However, the GOTY will not automatically include planes from the Reno air race DLC (which has various prices, depending on what you buy). But according to Jorg, et al, any of the planes you buy from the Reno addition, will be available for use in the “regular” flight sim. They didn’t demo the F-18 very extensively, so there’s still a lot of questions as to what it will include (radar, radar modes, etc). But a lot of us are looking forward to seeing it in the sim!
P.S. here’s some additional info