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I land at EGLL and this is where i’m told to park…its a long taxi to nowhere.

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What? I think you need to read that topic again…but if they would go back to the way ram usage was, then all people with 16g or less would complain again about the high use of memory that will give stuttering, low fps and so on. To blame this on xbox alone is a bit to easy and the way that system is built and how it for example use it´s ddr6 ram is more effective than it´s PC counterpart. Makes me wonder if people really know the difference between these systems and how they operate, or just think it´s built and works like a PC. I think what we got with SU5 would probably happened anyway. But the issues, bugs, not to be able to use/utilize higher settings and systems and what not is a whole different thing. For me there is to many issues/bugs to enjoy MSFS and I was fine with pre SU5, would go back to SU4 in a heartbeat, but I think they will sort it out, question is how long will that take. If I would “blame” anything on the xbox maybe it would be the MSFS release date on that console, that forced the SU5 out to soon and in a state that is, shall we say, not so good…


I have 1400 hours play time. I’m trying to make it work but the minor annoyances are quickly becoming major ones.


Very much appreciated SoildTea1116. Just tried it out and even with my lowly 2070 Super and Ryzen 5 3800 it made a world of difference.

My card was always maxed out unlimited. With this I barley hear the fans running, did not check the usage but just from sound alone it is a lot less. And no matter the weather setting or time of day it stays at a constant 35 (have card setting at 45).

Going to install a Ryzen 9 5950 tomorrow. That’s the plan anyway.

Again, thank you very much.

The FPS reduction after some our of flights is still happening in HotFix2

in case you remember the location, please report here: 100% reproducible CTD at specific coordinates for months [grammar.pggmod]

I’ve noticed more trees and I’m not sure I like it.

I do not have it installed at all.

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I had a windows bug that changed my cpu power setting to non amd performance (windows performance) everytime it switched it would ctd or shutdown completely. Deleted windows power plans except for amd plans in the cmd as admin. And swear on my house, haven’t had a crash since.

Nope. They fixed that what was necessary and within range of a few days to get as many people flying again.
Sorry that they did not fix your ‘specific’ issue…

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On Xbox series x at Luton airport all buildings appear flat. Not tried other airports but first airport I landed at and ground buildings no height and flat.

This hotfix is a mixed bag for me. Some observations…

  • Performance is good.
  • LOD radius seems reduced even from SU5 patch.
  • I’m having issues with autogen, there seems to be a lack of it entirely in some areas and very often just doing a short 10-minute flight exposes areas where there should be autogen.
  • I’m sure some of the photogrammetry areas had replaced tree models, this seems to have been regressed, at least around London, this causes more pop-ins effects to occur.
  • Building models (observed in London) have some strange lighting reflections (overexposed/strobing) which make the scenery almost unbearable to look at.

I can’t play nor upgrade from in Microsoft Store, what’s happening here?

I tried solutions here: Game will not update hotfix 2 - #5 by Overk1ll62278

but it didn’t work. I would like to play in something I paid for.

Did not know Hotfix was available? Last info was possible 3 working days. That would have made it possible Wednesday next week?
OK I downloaded it under one MB of download from the store. I also had to download Garmin G1000 NXI inside the game. Which aircraft is working with the NXI?
1.The good news is no CTD.
2. Very little popping of scenery even when panning around.
3. It is flyable
Items not working correctly.

  1. Screen still to bright. I turn it down using Nvidia control Panel but after the flight I have to adjust again for other programs.
  2. Scenery quality is still worse then before.
    Desktop 2021-08-07 2-06-28 PM-201
    Why is my CPU memory only using 4.9GB of memory out of 32GB?
    Why is my GPU memory only using 3.1GB of memory out of 8GB?
    Hoping that the slider you are talking about will allow me to use all of my memory?
  3. Confusing instructions?
    Remove your A320?
    Clean your community folder? I would like to know what add on packages are working?
    Navigraph charts, navigraph navdata, Working Title aircraft CJ4 and Working Title A320
    or will they in the future?
    Bing Data online with 400Mbps internet.
    Sill only getting 50Kbps to 80Kbps download from the servers?
    This all started after update 5.
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You mean a lot of other people specific issue which wasn’t an issue before SU5 with their lack of testing or lack of caring for the product.

Never had an issue before su5 and now I cannot even use the game. Waiting on a reply from Steam to get a full refund on a game that no longer works but because I have 200+ hrs in the sim I feel they won’t let me return it and will have a $120 sim and all my content as a total waste of money. This really really sucks…

looks for me as if your bing data are off- you fly offline ?

This was about system ram not GPU memory. He was trying to explain that xbox use ddr6 ram which is way more effective than PC systems ddr4 ram. Maybe he should´ve explained it in other ways, but to me it is quite clear what he wrote…

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I think that Russian

Hey guys. Please help. Im trying to fly the Cessna 172 with the G1000 system. I have a question with autopilot. I have a flight plan made on world map, but when I turn on autopilot and turn on NAV mode, the plane doesn’t fly into the direction that is in the flight plan. The flight plan’s line is neon green color, not magenta, I dont know why. Do you know what am I doing wrong?
VS and everything else just doing fine, but the NAV mode not…

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