Official Discussion: Hotfix

Getting so tired of having to write this. If the game was the primary issue then everybody would have the same problem but they don’t. Something on your system is causing the game to crash, if you can’t be bothered to find out what that is then why should anybody else care or try to help you? It’s not your fault but is is your problem to diagnose and fix. Look inward.

  • just tried to buy Milan Malpensa airport from in-game marketplace, and MSFS immediately crashed CTD
  • after the crash, MSFS is shown as running in Steam app, so it cannot be started again

For me graphics are better, even with LoDs set back to factor “2” (previously “3” or “4”), and frame rates are better ! :slight_smile:

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Use dev mode to monitor…that will show what sim is using. Task manager shows total system use. You can’t push it over 7 gigs of vram after SU 5. How else would they optimize it to run on the Xbox hardware…

In the danger of getting very much off-topic here: yes, I am fully aware of the performance (GPU) limitations of iMacs. I conciously purchased the last Intel iMac 27" 2020, with a maxed out GPU option.

Mainly because I am mostly using macOS, and “gaming” is just a “side quest” for me :wink:

But that said, FS 2020 runs amazinlgy “okay’ish” on such a “maxed out” iMac! And I can’t reproduce all those “crash to desktops” that some people seem to have either (I am not saying that I never had any CTDs - but they are relatively rare, compared to what people are reporting here). :wink:

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Just retested it, sadly problem still persists, see the details here:

There is a bit more subtle dimming, but clearly not enough, and no shadows cast over the aircraft or cockpit.

That’s while inside a significant thick layer of clouds

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  • AI pilot Newark to LaGuardia crashed in the water after stalling. Don’t know what it tried to do :smiley: second time i switched ai stalling protection off. Now it started making very slow 2ft/m downward circles until it crashed somewhere on the shore.
  • After flying over Manhattan and having LaGuardia at 2 o’clock, suddenly three quite big buildings came into view. Clearly to be seen, because it was early morning and all the lights in these buildings were on. It actually was quite a magical event. Others would call it an immersion breaker :wink: .

for me that’s the same problem

Here’s my video of exactly the same thing - although only appearsd to be at EGNX, I can’t recreate it anywhere else

hmm, not only Edinburgh, half of the UK is still undeveloped.
Anyone else want some flat land?

I still blame that on the limited, slower DDR4 memory.

Overall impressed with hotfix. Looks better than ever with good frame rates. My main gripes now are antialiasing of menus in VR, stretched view on ultra wide monitor and incorrect altitude reported by ATC. The last one being by far the worst but should be fixed in next world update.


Its you moaning, LOL

What you are stating with confidence is contradicted by the official Flight Simulator release notes.
The MSFS team recognize there are CTDs caused by the game.
Rejecting those reports does not help the conversation or improvement of the software.

Thank you.


Good update all is working good for me
Better colours no poping or stuttering
No CTD in over 3 hours flying

AMD 5600X
Nvidia 3090
M.2 Samsung 1TB 980 pro
32Gb Ram

Oculus quest 2
Link cable

VR setting high
Global Res 80%

Tool Tray
Super sampling 1.1
ASW 45Hz


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And those release notes are contradicted by my experience. It also doesn’t state what CTD events they have “fixed”. Who know what kind of nonsense is running on the setups that are having problems, not you, not me, only the person having the problem. So posting “I hate it, Xplane 12, blah blah” achieves nothing.

Same here. What on earth goes on? Can’t run the sim - can’t download the mandatory upgrade.

I believe it is OK if bought through Orbx but not through the marketplace (hangs on the loading screen for me if you spawn near London)

That sounds fine and dandy.

Still I think it is fair to say that people are welcome to report the problems they face and that they should not be answered with outright dismissals.

Thank you.

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So far running good. Couple of minor new issues.

  1. Default fuel for the longitude now 0% not 50
  2. Entered a flight plan in start up using the world. Flight plan did not carry into the aircraft. Had to manually enter it into the flight computer.