Official Discussion: Hotfix

Keep restarting your machine, maybe even cold boot. Two posts abobe said that this helped. It’s a mystery to me how this can be different for people. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

Now the LOD is better, in the cockpit and also in the external views. Thanks

I had to reinstall the FBW airbus, it was CDTing after the patch. So many people complaining about CDTs? Can you post the HW you have and if you tried to reinstall?

BTW, the landscape from high flight levels looks too sharp, in a real plane the atmosphere is not that transparent. Please Asobo, revert these high altitude views to Hotfix 1 that was more reallistic :rofl:

Update didn’t appear in the store for me. But I clicked on the download icon anyway, and the FS2020 download started with all the rest.

The update does not contain as much as I expected (and my expectations were not high). So an awful lot still needs to be fixed in the next update (in a few weeks).

No CTDs yet.

The clouds do look much better, but certainly at the expense of FPS - my first flight (on the runway at EGSS, in the 172), switching between live weather and clear skies dropped by 7 fps, more than used to happen. Once in the air, though, the drop was less marked.

At least this hotfix doesn’t seem to have damaged anything.

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that’s what I’m saying. Pressing B sets it at -1800 ft.

What do you mean by this? Never heard of an update icon in the sim. Can you send a screen shot? Or do you mean the store?

You have to download the hotfix first.

Maybe I could buy it from you :wink:.
No, seriously. Hope this gets fixed soon. It’s a treat working with these peripherals. Same here with the gtn750. I am still hoping that realityXP will come with their update sometime soon.

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You don’t say?!

Flagging is used maliciously all the time unfortunately.

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Yes, a third-party product. It worked until SU4. MSFS then introduced a new decryption for marketplace products and many users have not been able to use the aircraft ever since. Aerosoft says the problem lies with MSFS and they have an influence on it.

Learn how the internet works please.

I have the same issue still. All good since the last hotfix but anti-aliasing is still a big issue in VR. I hope this gets fixed soon.

I wonder if the user that made the video had edited their graphics in the file and left it as read only

Yep, tried every single item on their website, didn’t work. Nice it works now.

Please put on your glasses and check my posts again … :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Thank you for your help. And you can’t help it. But so slowly the simulator is just annoying for me.

It’s not an update icon, I meant your avatar.

I have posted a question for you in another topic. When I get more tips I’ll post back here!

This topic is about the update process and how we can improve it. The OP and CM’s are asking our ideas about this.

It’s this topic, maybe interesting for some here as well.

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Please don’t confuse the two as this will confuse people, and that’s very confusing


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I made the video and do not have any edited graphics or files in MSFS.