Official Discussion: June 30th, 2022 Dev Update

… and don’t say “soon” if that date leaves way too little time (how much time is “little” actually? :thinking::sweat_smile:) till the release? I mean does the Beta for Asobo/MS yet again means the checking of a predefined list of some more, some less, important issues? For me having been in SW development for 30+ years that (again) could not be called a Beta. :thinking:

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They said “soon” just to keep us talking about it. They could’ve said 4-6 weeks, or nothing at all, but that’s boring and kills the hype.

I highly doubt I could sell my DR250 or Caravan No Pod without issue, with their modified models.

When they say “For Premium & Deluxe aircraft”, they’re probably meaning that literally. At least that’s my guess.

Today is July 1st, so you just missed Soon, and it’s Now already. Give it a few weeks and it will be Then.

With the CFG files being unlocked in SU10, I expect we’ll see a flurry of mods over the next few months.


So, still no word in regard of the most gamebreaking bug for hundreds of users?

Not even in the “last 3 month Bugs” snapshot?

Still dead silence about the massive amount of users who still post tons of screenshots in the above thread. Who can’t use the sim they have paid for?

Still no action from the moderators in a thread with 217 votes, 15,1K views !!! and 800+ replies, even the moderatos got tagged multiple times by desperate users?

This is how many of us feel since weeks and months:

Sorry, but I’m really got sick of this


Don’t you know, if it doesn’t effect XBox it’s a mere afterthought.

PC users can simply be told it’s their fault, must be your virus scanner, or a bad driver. Because on PC the sim is magically super stable, we are being told by mods CTDs are “rare” but of course when asked for numbers they fall back to their usual communication style. Crickets.


They will announce when they know for sure.

My guess is that Jorg said “soon” a bit to soon… they had to back track that statement later.

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“Soon” is about as vague “little” so it is “pointless” to point it out.

I can see that they are more specific on the Weather API now:
It will allow WASM modules to request customized bitmaps showing the terrain and weather around the user’s aircraft.

I do not know what “around the aircraft” translates to in numbers, but it sounds like you will not be able to read the weather for your whole flight - and therefor will not get accurate VNAV and fuel calculations.
I guess they can keep querying for new data along the flight to compansate.


Yeah. And what “weather” to be exact? Precipitation? Wind speed and direction? I’d really like some more info on that.

To me it means before next dev-update and after the dev-update they mentioned soon in and informed us where to find information how to get into the beta. Well, now we know that soon can mean anything though. I just know it will be released before su10 is released for all of us.

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As part of a bug thread I posted a short while ago, I am at about 22 hours of flight time with no crashes. They were rare for me anyway, but the last one I had happened immediately after I switched frequencies, from centre to the tower at a nearby airport to request a full stop landing. Within a few seconds of me requesting that the sim crashed.

I’ve been flying now with Azure TTS disabled, so its completely silent. I’ve not had any crashes yet.

The downside to this is if ATC contacts me, and I don’t have the window open to see it, they will timeout very quickly, and cease services. With Azure TTS on there is an inherent delay as the text is read out. With it off, the delay is much shorter. I feel that should be finessed to offer the period of time as if the audio was playing.

I couldn’t figure out how to get the ATC subtitles to appear at the bottom of the screen, even though I have that option on. I assumed it only works if the audio is on as well?

Still waiting for Simple Traffic to appear in the Marketplace, its been submitted 6 months ago. What in the world is taking so long ?


Yep. If so, then it’s awesome! I’m already dreaming about the DA40TDI engine mod and other improvements.

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I love how the dev update has plenty of links to buy things … now how about you link the important things like where we can vote on this list because “I miss trains” is WAY TOO HIGH.

Or hey how about this, make the images large enough to be legible so I don’t have to open them all in a new tab.

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I’m guessing the model files will still be encrypted, so anything to do with the visual aspect of the aircraft can’t be touched. But systems, and flight model can now be tweaked as with non-Marketplace or Premium/Deluxe products.

Good news all round.

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Although I must say I’m not pleased with everything done by this MSFS Team, in terms of communication they are probably the best I’ve ever seen.


I havent had a crash in probably the last 80+ hours of flying, and i have a few mods and AIG and all that. I only fly GA right now so maybe the airliners have more issues i dont know. I just count myself lucky because i know others have issues.

Could aways use the Flight Recorder mod to at least get you back to where you were.