Official Discussion: May 19th, 2022 Dev Update

Joined via the insider app and downloaded the update but the game still crashes to desktop when loading up. Furthest I get to is the New Activities screen then the games just closes. Have rebooted fully several times but still doesn’t work which is annoying as wanting to play this game all week.

Once the patch will be released, it will be possible to install WU IX?
Should I install the world update that I have already downloaded or have I to cancel it and download it again?

Sim not playable on Pc, reinstalled everything including windows and got the same results.
Stutter / cdt / dropped frame.
Almost a month now.


If it doesn’t have the word xBox in it it’s on the bottom of the pile. Everything is just about the consoles now. We PC gamers can just be told “must be your system”.

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Still getting lots of stutter on main screen scrolling through tabs. Stutter when downloading updates and CTD when I loaded via the world map, again stutter when you load up world map.

I can’t stress this enough, please dont forget us PC users:

This thread has a growing 5.7k views, 361 replies and get constantly ignored by the devs and moderators since April,14th.

No offence here but, are you folk serious?


same here, i wonder if there is something we need to do first like uninstall something first and try again?

I think that you are aware that there are many people here who are saying the exact opposite :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.
I have no hope that this chasm will disappear any time soon, sadly.
My gut says they want the sim to be equally fantastic on all platforms, and that the single source approach is the best way to guarantee this. They have no preference for either platform.


Got rid of all weeks ago and it was ok until the latest update. This is a joke wish i could get a refund.

As someone stated above, there wasn’t a roadmap update?? Nor was there any announcement of the next WU or trailer for this one still?? Are my wires crossed?

To be honest, an apology alone is far from enough with the ongoing problems, especially for X-Box customers. There has to be a bit more. For example, the Local Legend for all for free.


That’s never going to happen haha. Nice try though.

Now… trees are reduced to Zero. No trees in the world. No forests. Only 2d. Even Falcon on Amiga had 3d Forests. Dear Developers please bring back the trees.

Installed the Beta update, got passed the loading screens, able to select airport and take off but CTD on landing (EGTB)

Why have the last two dev updates been lacking in the usual details?

It seems as if when it goes wrong Microsoft go mute instead of acknowledging the bugs. There is no mention of the fps bug in the latest update despite it affecting many users.

Microsoft have been very sketchy these past few weeks. Normally when a world update drops there’s a lot more said about it with a youtube video released showcasing the area. But this time it feels like they went ‘here’s your world update guys’ and that’s it.

I wonder if the reason is because the PR department is focusing all their efforts on the Top Gun release. But they’re failing to realise that it’s not going to go well if the sim isn’t working. I mean Top Gun at 5 fps hardly sounds fun.


This WU is just plain sloppy in my opinion, all but the famous ‘old bridge’ in Florence have curtains under them.

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I think they know very well that the ■■■■ hit the fan and try to concentrate on fixing the bugs.
But you are right, when something is not going as planned they play the ostrich game.
Worst of all they still stick to the pre-planned dates for giving information.
When a problem is known on Wednesday, I call my customer on Wednesday. Not on Thursday.


I completely agree. The stuttering/FPS issues are causing many of us headaches. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to enjoy one flight since SU9.


I have this and still says same after numerous restarts.

the bad performance of fenix a320 is the issue of SU9 or the problem of the plane itself?pmdg737 have a better performance