Official Discussion: May 5th, 2022 Dev Update

Seriously Jayne? MS has allowed that CaptainSim C-130 into the marketplace?

While I understand that MS doesn’t want to get involved into vetting the quality of marketplace content, I feel there should be at least be a minimum requirement of having a working Virtual Cockpit. People are going to buy this, be disappointed, and get caught up in how hard it is to get refunds for marketplace items.

I would strongly urge MS to reconsider having stuff like that on the Marketplace.


The Marketplace allows for all types of products - the description will show that there is not cockpit in the above-mentioned add-on. It is the hope that users will read the description before making a purchase.

I cannot comment on what should and shouldn’t be allowed in the Marketplace at this time, but I hear your concern and will report to team. Thanks @MortThe2nd.


Have a search online for the reviews of this… It would be naff if it were free, but the fact you have to pay for this - be grateful it’s not available on Xbox (yet, anyway)!


if that description is font size 50, and flashing in bright red, so that it’s literally impossible to miss, then sure. People will glance over it otherwise.


It is not hard to get refunds for marketplace transactions it’s just that you can only get 2 a year.

Please include a fix for double cursors in instrument views in VR introduced recently and reported in the SU9 beta here. It significantly affects VR usability on complex aircraft with multiple instrument views. Thanks.

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I’m with Mort on this one. It’s a bad look for the marketplace and the sim to allow this type of content through which is clearly meant to prey on buyers who think they’re getting a full plane. The description just doesn’t do enough to inform customers. The truth is they see screenshots and a buy button, only after its said and done they realize what it’ll actually be and regret their purchase.

Also, there should be some minimal requirement for aircraft to be sold on the marketplace, otherwise this is a slippery slope where all 3rd-party content will just get watered down to this level for a quick buck. I imagine a lot of copy-cats will pop-up with the same intentions.

Please report this and urge it to be taken down.


When will the hotfix patch for SU9 (approximately) be released? Could we know it in advance? @Jummivana

Some XBox, PC users including me who are being affected are waiting to be able to fly again without flickering with customized render scaling other than 100.


Surely there is some control? Are you telling me no one has ever made a flying blender default cube for a laugh and priced it at $1?


Which is what makes it worse. People will think ‘is 15 dollars worth one of the few refunds I have’, and likely decide it’s not worth it, making sure that CS’s pockets keep filled.

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Hi @MATSC133 - Unfortunately we don’t have a date yet for the hot fix but aiming to have it ready as soon as possible. Will update when we know more.


That’s on them. Not Asobo.

Given how many people download the Flying Eye Hospital and complain that it doesn’t fly shows how easy it is to miss information supplied in the block of text accompanying some nice looking screenshots. At least with the Flying Eye you’re not paying for the privilege.

Three words - “no virtual cockpit” - surrounded by lots of other text - “4k textures! Fantastic liveries! Most detailed model ever!” - is just asking for lots of disappointed and disillusioned punters.


Excited that the patch is already in works for those who need it. But sure hope this isn’t another cause for delay of PMDG 737.

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Just watched Pilot Studd’s review of this plane on YouTube. Guaranteed some poor guy/gal is going to get a surprise! MS should save themselves the trouble of issuing refunds by simply removing it from the Marketplace.


MS make money. They don’t give 2 craps whether or not a 3rd party sells unfinished garbage in the store as long as they get their 30% cut of the sales. I just hope MS customer support can handle the flood of refund requests for that Capt Sim junk.


I never understood why people think customers don’t have any responsibility.

If you spend your money and ignore reading the description, then I don’t see the problem. I’m also sure there are plenty of people out there who just fly in external views. Just because you are not the target group, doesn’t mean no one else is either.

Now, if the description says that a cockpit is included and it’s not, or if it doesn’t mention it at all, then I would agree it’s a scam.

It’s dangerous territory to start try and judge what is acceptable and what is not.


Well there’s instances of that for example the goose by big radials says it includes a bush trip and on xbox it doesn’t.

Just read on here in their thread that it will be fixed soon and it was marketplace pc and xbox missing it.

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Two world updates back to back or a typo?

“Gusts in Live Weather Are Not Fixed” was the number 1 bug the last three months with 148 votes. I understand its beyond the 3 months, so it is no longer on the 3 month and also, now unfortunately, not on the lifetime bugs either. The last we heard it was “under investigation”.

Any update on this now that it is off the snapshot? @Jummivana