Official Discussion: November 17, 2022 Development Update

Check out the latest Development Update here:

Please use this thread for feedback and discussion. Thank you!

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No new aircraft. Pretty disappointing Marketplace drops.

Was hoping for the C310R SP1…oh well…at least the Stearman update arrived.

You did just get 13 new aircraft for free…


Today’s Update was the smoothest I have seen to date.
No complicated close the sim and go to xbox etc


  1. Run the sim
  2. Popup tell you there is a mandatory update
  3. It does a partial update.
  4. Then checks for updates, and find them, and download/installs them
  5. Then MSFS continues to run.

VERY SMOOTH and Painless

but (and there is always a BUT !!)

The Progress bars for the downloads & Extraction was totally messed up – but hopefully that was only cosmetic .

Yes, but I’ve been following 3P dev updates for months. They’ve had their products submitted to Asobo for some time.

Continue to fly whatever you fly until it comes out. The more you check daily and get let down the less of a surprise or gift it is when it will eventually come out.

Can I ask what the point of the “KNOWN ISSUES (Last update: November 17th, 2022)” List is exactly please?
As it clearly does not contain all the Known Issues, there’s many many threads that have “Bug Logged” but they don’t appear on that list. :thinking:



If only the ones listed above get fixed soon, it will be a very welcome improvement.

When I look at some of these Release Note lists, it strikes me as amazing as to how much Asobo gets fixed each “FREE” update.

“MSFS 2020 – the purchase that keeps giving”

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Yeah I missed this text:
“For a more comprehensive list of bugs and feedback already tracked or under investigation, visit the forums.”

Still doesn’t fill me with much confidence with regards to the year+ VR regression bugs they introduced.

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If you want status on bugs, always check out the Feedback Snapshot which will state how progress on the top voted bugs on the forum are going.

Also the Q and A is today, think it’s 10 am PST, so in about 6 hours.

Did the Q&A happen or it was cancelled??

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Why are some “bug logged” topics on the known issues list while other topics with the same tag are not? I’ve never understood this.

Just now listening to the Dev Q&A from Friday… have been on vacation and was so eager to listen to it.

I do find it a bit frustrating when Martial isn’t there because some of the questions we’ve been wanting answered (the technical bugs, questions on weather, questions re: getting wipers working, questions on photogrammetry) seem to always get a “we’re not sure, Martial’s team. I’m sure we’re working on it.”

That’s not so assuring in my opinion.

At the very least, if Martial can’t make these Dev Q&As, why can’t we get someone from his team who will know these answers?


really sad to see that they wont (hot)fix the visual LOD bug (on xbox) until mid january, hopefully

i hoped to use the time around christmas holidays for some extended flying sessions, but not with this kind of garbage. i flew to hongkong yesterday and it looked so bad it even hurt my eyes, as if i was playing fs2002

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