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So what are you saying, that there’s no marketplace update today?

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That is correct. Like most Americans, our Marketplace team are currently enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday and spending time with their families. The Marketplace update will return next week.



No updates on fixing the bug causing Xbox graphics downgrade?


Hello @Pazdzie22,

In case you didn’t see it, Jorg and Seb addressed this issue during the Developer Livestream last week. The team has identified the cause of this bug, and a fix will be coming in a future update. Jorg estimates this update will be deployed in January.



I believe @Pazdzie22 is referring to a mentioned update for this week on progress on that bug. It’s fine if there’s no update given the holiday week, of course.


Ummm… does anyone else find it amusing that the Development Roadmap shows the next update occurring on the mysterious date of November 31st? :wink:


Some updates require an ‘extra’ day. :cowboy_hat_face:


Yes, we were promised an update on the topic of graphical downgrade this week.


So, no new stuff? That’s fine! I’m not going to spend any more money on this sim untill they fixed the terrible LOD mess, anyway! But WHY for God’s sake are they holding back updates? A lot of 3rd party planes (and even some of the default ones) need to be updated ASAP! Regards, a dissatisfied customer!!


I was also expecting an update on this LOD graphical issue for Xbox as mentioned in respective thread by community manager.
It is really disappointing that this issue shall be fixed somewhere in January and was not even mentioned in weekly’s dev update
Come on, this is not acceptable…for most of Xbox users, this game is broken and cannot be enjoyed anymore….and all we got is a statement that we have to wait another 6 or 7 weeks.
Imagine that this would be an issue on PC side…cannot believe that PC users would have to wait that long.
I really love this game on Xbox but after SU11 it feels like we are simmers 2nd class.



can happen, also little bit same and funny was in that Q/A video with roadmap and airplanes, really I don’t know who prepared that road map but mixing planes names with their screenshots is … I don’t know, who prove this to show this roadmap with that mistakes?

To linked Topic and screenshots of Gliders, nice pictures there but one screenshot of ‘Screenshot by satoshi_exe_ (Twitter)’ is really nice, that pilot is in big trouble there, for sure…

Can anybody tell me what is going on with the L39C on flight simulator 2020 it is flying erratically can somebody tell me if there is an update or they’re working on it.

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Thank you for choosing my glider themed picture as this update’s illustration :). On the same day was my 41st birthday so it was a nice, unexpected present :slight_smile:


I really enjoy playing SU11 on my Xbox Series X. Waiting until mid January is easy when we have these nice helicopters to explore low altitude LA.


I can’t find a topic on the recent Q&A, so I will comment here, as it is (or should be) part of the Development Update.

I am disappointed about the comment from Jorg concerning ATC (combined with a couple of other items):

Jorg - When we say that, there are three topics like this: seasons, ATR ATC [air traffic control], and water. It’s all kind of in the – Yeah, yeah, it’s a nice simple short word, but the implications of it all are huge. So it’s going to take a good long time. So don’t be all sad if it doesn’t happen in 2023.

So it looks like we will have to wait over a year for action?

I’m not looking for a major update, just the obvious problems to be corrected, for example:

  • Mad changes in altitude
  • Quick fire changes in altitude
  • Voices often missing
  • ATC transmissions often missing (only finding what they said from the co-pilot’s response)
  • Absence of pressure updates. (You only guess your pressure setting is wrong when ATC tells you for example you’re four hundred feet below your assigned altitude.)
  • Absence of various sensible responses/queries to ATC.

I know Working Title were scheduled to look into this, but no mention from Matt in his presentation - to be honest, Working Title are excellent with the instruments, so I don’t think they should have been tasked with this anyway, so I’ve no complaints at all with WT.

This is something many users view as a significant problem which has been wrong since release. Many users go to external services for their ATC, but for those of us who would rather have the facility in the sim (for various reasons) it is a real immersion breaker.

If Asobo need to hire external coders, then hire people able to fix this problem - it should given some sort of priority over (for example) yet another new plane or yet another piece of pretty scenery.


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Why don’t the Dev Updates include the Top Bugs & Wishlist vote charts anymore?
It seems the last one that had them was 10/27, all the newer ones just say “see 10/27 feedback snapshot”.