Official Discussion: November 4th, 2021 Development Update

I think they need to employ more people. The size and scope of this sim and it’s issues is too much for them to handle at present.

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Check image from Marketplace update carefully. You can see Xbox icon on Arrow aircraft cards.

And no word about it in this development update. They always talk about transparency but only when it favours them.


VR controllers are planned to come with SU7, so there is progress in VR.


We are interested in the question of when the color gradient in the clouds and sky will be corrected.
we are voting on this issue. this is an important visual part of the simulator that needs to be fixed. stripes in the sky and clouds are very annoying.

guys, vote in this thread. for the developers to hear us


That’s certainly an interesting view. VR controllers are coming, so let’s stall progress on everything else, like performance, stability, visuals.

The arrows from just flight look like they are available on Xbox to me as they have the little icon for both…

I was looking at a review this morning after seeing it released. Seems like a fps eater as it’s so detailed (internally too). Perhaps not suitable for XBox because of this? I certainly won’t be downloading it for my laptop either as I don’t have fps headroom on it either.

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I hope you understand that it may not be within Asobo’s ability to fix your color banding issue. I don’t see it yet I run the exact same software (i9, 2080). The issue could very possibly be your GFX card. Which card do you have?

They are both excellent and very similar to each other, The turbo has better performance at altitude…

No catapult or arresting wires on the aircraft carriers…why release it then?

Gigabyte RTX 3080 Ti

Said pre-release beta testing was cancelled since that blog post was made.

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@Jummivana Thank you for featuring my freeware MSFS Mobile Companion App in this week’s development update! I appreciate it a lot!


So I’ve learned subsequent to my post. Which is odd.

I’ve got some mixed feelings.

For me, that doesn’t instill confidence in SU7’s quality. Then again, from what past beta testers have said, they release without fixing the bugs that they reported anyway. Only with beta testing, at least they’re aware the bugs are there…

it was originally listed for the 18th as shown here

but … they removed the date from the original post here iirc

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From my experience I’ve seen all varieties - stuff that’s been fixed vefore release, stuff not fixed and left and other stuff left but then (relatively) quickly hotfixed. Beta testing to date hasn’t left sufficient time to deal with anything other than the most major of bugs (and only if they can be fixed reasonably quickly too) - so inevitably small, but noticeable, bugs are left and go live and join the (ever expanding) backlog.

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Agreed! In the case of SU5, some of the biggest bugs were fixed with hot fixes. I would prefer them delay a release and get it right. But that hasn’t worked out too well for them in the past either. The 2 majorly delayed updates were some of the buggiest to date.

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Nope → [Bug logged]

Same issue - RTX 3080 Xtreme.

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