Official Discussion: November 4th, 2021 Development Update

Yep, spot on - SU5 of course restricted by a nailed on launch date. SU6 I thought was the best yet, so maybe things are improving, but they need to keep that direction of travel going. With the delay in the Top Gun film, I suspect that’s taken away another hard date for them which can only be helpful.

TBH the sim is running about as well as it ever has for me right now, other than the glitch the other week for those of us who were SU6 beta testers which screwed things up for a day or so. I’ve got no major game breaking bugs at all really.

Obviously things can still be improved, but I’ve got so much to go after right now - learning to fly the DC-6 without the AFE is my current goal. Then I’ve got the Hawk, Spitfire, Corsair and Lightning to go after, and then move on towards the airliners - CJ4, CRJ then the FBW A320…by then PMDG will have their 737 out…

A seemingly endless journey right now!

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SU6 has been the most stable for me in quite a long time as well. Although since last weekend, I’ve had a whole bunch of mystery CTDs out of the blue where I’d only had 2 since SU6 launched.

Love how from SU5 we don’t have vibration for xbox controller… just… how?

and some bugs with pan and zoom with mouse, annoying cursos when you move the camera… etc etc…

just… HOW no updates with that?


Now that’s funny, as I had a day of CTDs as well flying the DC-6 last weekend. I ended up reinstalling it and it’s seemed OK since then. I thought that was due to the phantom update that some of the SU6 beta testers got by accident - but maybe not!

Ummm, what does that mean? Bug logged? Doesn’t mean it’s true.

It could also be the CPU bus or the monitor, for example, but the point is, I have a less powerful system (i9, 2080) and see no banding at all. How do you explain that?

There is still testing going on, just only for a smaller group.

Online players disappearing bugs need fix please, it makes no more fun fly with friends around when there always disappearing, this bugs is since SU5

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NOTHING is mentioned about the problems of the Bush Trips although it has 254 votes. Unbelievable!!!

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What’s the point of a dev update if they’re not actually…you know…updating the bugs list?

Bush Plane flights and bugged Achievements need a hot-fix ASAP/NOW. Asobo, listen to the community this is unacceptable


Why is the multiplayer disappearance bug not included in the list of TOP BUGS?

There are 341 votes and it is in 22nd place.

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