Official Discussion: September 22, 2022 Development Update

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Please use this thread for feedback and discussion. Thank you!


I’ve had the Conni for a few months. Wonderful plane.

I wonder what exactly ‘TBA (29/11/2022)’ will be.


Bredoks F22 got an update? Anyone know what it changed? Maybe its in the little changelog when you download. Unless it gets much needed love, its a shame that it likely prevents TMS version from releasing on the market.

Very curious. I expect we’ll find out around the launch of 40th anniversary.

What time can we expect the marketplace update to drop? I’m looking forward to the 319 and to see what’s new in the 4simmers updates


7:40 my local time and the Sim hasn’t updated the Marketplace. Hope this isn’t a problem caused by the Update. :neutral_face:

Why haven’t MS/Asobo commented on everyone’s questions about the Nvidia driver update for DX12? Did it launch? Are we still waiting on it? Studio Driver vs Game Ready Driver? As of tonight, no new driver for Nvidia GR has dropped.


They are too busy “paying close attention to your feedback”.

Pfft… Post reported??.. What a joke.


I really enjoy SU10 so far but the number one voted item on the wishlist, weather api, should absolutely not be marked as ‘fix’ considering what we received is completely useless in the actual creation of a working weather radar. None of the 3rd party aircraft that would take advantage of this new api are planning on touching it. Surely the problem is not fixed and all 2200 of those votes should still count. There’s a lot of people flying airliners that were expecting this to bring wxradar to wasm aircraft which the new api is entirely inadequate for. This comes as a massive disappointment. in the real world the plane isn’t leaving the maintenance hangar with weather radar inop.


Only 1 new aircraft for Xbox???
It looks like a joke when there was no Marketplace update last week.


To be honest what’s the point of working weather radar if convective activity in the sim as of right now is not representing ANY dangerous environmental conditions. We need that to be changed first and I think there is also vote on it.

PS I hope I’m not gonna break huge secret but radar can be MELd and airplane still gonna be dispatched in real world.

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The Marketplace has been in a state of “Currently Unavailable” for a protracted amount of time. I’ve not seen this before.

Anyone else note this?

It’s 02:36Z currently.

My MP is working fine, but the only new release is a Brussels Night Enhancement…. Come on 319!

Hmm… I’m wondering if my beta that became the full release is somewhat screwy.

No Marketplace and, for shiggles, I turned on Multiplayer, but see no one anywhere. I get the sense I’m in a halfway state between beta and full release or some such.

EDIT: a reboot of the sim fixed the Marketplace issue.

It’s updated! Go spend money!!

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9:01pm MST and it’s finally updated. Funny how Asobo stated in Update blog that MP would be updated between Blog Drop and 5pm EST.

No marketplace update today in eastern US. I was expecting updated version of the f-35 which was supposed to be released last Thursday.

TMS Raptor is also coming to the marketplace. As soon as we get WASM support on Xbox.

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