Official Discussion: September 9th, 2020 Development Update

You can read the latest Development Update here:

Please use this thread for discussion/feedback.


The “Community Triage” section is just what these weekly updates needed, thank you.


Where is the black screens issue in this blog ? I am fighting really hard for many people here regarding this major ground breaking bug on both the Xbox series?

  • Reno Air Races is coming mid-November.
  • Sim Update VI in late-October and, surprisingly, a Sim Update VIII shortly after in November.
  • No new World Updates until December.
  • Junkers JU-52 was delayed to September 28.
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Nice Marketplace update, thanks. That Corsair is a must buy.

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Thanks, found the post and responded!


@Jummivana - any word / acknowledgement on the missing navigation lights on planes? This is a pretty serious bug that was introduced in SU5. Makes any night flying, especially on Vatsim and other networks pretty much impossible.

Also, some acknowledgement of the ever more problematic installation / update process would be nice. This one is getting worse as time goes on and we never hear of any plans to fix or improve it.


Much appreciate the details and format of the latest update, and clear info on the upcoming hotfix. Based on what I’ve seen here, on other forums and in the reviews on Windows Store, the majority of issues with the last update were with the update process and not with the actual update itself (which was one of the most solid in recent memory). If the delivery can be streamlined and some of the longer-standing bugs addressed, we’re cooking with fire.

Now off to the marketplace…

Two sim updates are coming in the following months. Thats a great sign, although the SU7 I expect to be focused mostly on the multiplayer functions, but who knows.
The marketplace updates are looking good as well, will give the CS777 try (if there are real life liveries included), hotfix on the way.
I hope the dev q&a will come shortly, there should be some of the answers we are waiting for.

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Is the Long awaited replay Function still scheduled fir this year?


She mentioned this issue in another list a couple of days ago.

A fix should come with Sim Update 6 but not 100% confirmed.

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So the AI plane navlight bug will not be fixed with the hotfix :frowning: for vatsim players this is a major bug…and it looks we have to wait 6 weeks more after allready 6 weeks or so since su5…


Another HF on the way - sounds great to me.

Maybe they can slip in what should be an easy fix for the Longitude where the ALT selector on the MCP only advances in the 100’s, not 1000’s as before, along with the slow incrementation of the HDG select??

Would make many PREMIUM customers very happy, I’m sure.

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Would you mind DMing me the forum thread with this issue so I can take a look?


Two SU in a row :ok_hand:

Estimated date for the night lights hotfix?
No workaround for xbox users

Thanks. I missed that post. Kind of shows how disconnected they are though if they really think that 2 months for a fix for that issue is acceptable. :confused:


They have the audacity of releasing the 777 to Xbox without fixing the avionics issues?

Still no Seneca V and no Corsair for Xbox. Pathetic!


Yes! And the JF Piper’s, I don’t even care which model at this point just put one on the marketplace.