Official Discussion: September 9th, 2020 Development Update

Will let you know! Sending the info over the VR team.


Sorry, maybe the wrong place to put that question in, but i dont know where else to ask.
I try to start fs and, as often, there is a new update. window is popping up to say, that you have to go to the store to make the update. but at the store there is no update!!!

i can’t play fs now because of that. any solutions ??

thanks for your help

Thanks for the update on this and VR Jayne. Just to make sure this is not overlooked, MP lights in VR display no farther than 5nm… In turn lights or not, the sky remains mostly empty even in congested areas like Los Angeles.


for me its just saad that whe have to wait 12 weeks or more to get the navlight bug fixed…for vatsim pilots this is esssential. the only shimmer of hope on horizon is that there arw two sim updates planed for this year. for simmers is it essential to fix the bugs and not to get more content…

Just so I don’t confuse the two, is this the issue you are talking about or is it another thread? [BUG LOGGED] AI / Live Traffic only visible short range


No it isn’t, instead:

Increase distance threshold to see other aircraft navigation and strobe lights at night - Bugs & Issues / Virtual Reality (VR) - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

(a moderator has also removed the [BUG] prefix in the title a few days ago)

The gist of it:

In other words, like I said earlier, since the developers will be working in correcting a bug affecting the lights, while at it, it could be worth to also increase their display distance. Because otherwise, even if the lights will show again soon, past 5nm they serve no purpose at all.


@Jummivana, re: the AA issue in VR - this is a big issue for VR users. There is a reason this cannot be reproduced.

Note that this degradation is the first thing VR users noticed after Sim update 5 as it was evident right from the menu and in game affects cockpit readability drastically. It also makes the trees shimmer in the distance causing eye-strain.

I believe they are unable to reproduce as they do not have an older build to test against? There is no work around for this and it does not just happen (so you cannot reproduce in the current build). The only way to see the AA degradation is to compare against an older build of the application using a high fidelity headset like the Reverb G2.

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There are many things immediately evident the 1st minute you use FS2020 in VR, yet they slipped through QA. So it might have not been as much evident maybe for the QA team to see this degradation introduced with SU5.

For example:
[BUG] FS2020 using 3D cockpit camera in VR - wrong horizontal plane rotation (ex: FBW A320, SALTY 747, ASOBO 787, SDK SAMPLE)

All it takes is loading the Asobo 787 in VR to immediately notice the ground is slanted, and the feeling is odd, and 1/2h work on the code to just ignore the cameras.cfg file InitialPbh value if in VR mode.

NB: like I’ve documented it even slipped through the SDK docs examples.

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Exactly. Its probably why they try to avoid hotfixes as well. Branching and merging does not always go to plan :slight_smile:

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Don’t forget the backporting of new features to make them work and forward them again to have them as intended.

That su5 wasn’t a total nuke quite impressed me.

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In theory, you’re right – but why can we see external lights on A/C on multiplayer in the sim, but 3rd party traffic and AI traffic no bueno – dark as can be. Just doesn’t seem hard to fix, but maybe I am wrong.

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The problem with this “workaround” isn’t good. It requires you to swap out files depending on the AC you are flying, then you have to reswap the files out when you change aircraft, etc.

On the link you provided on, they even say it doesn’t work on VATSIM aircraft in MSFS. So not sure this is working as great as we’d hope.

Anyone else try this mod?

Never assume if something is “hard” or “easy” to fix. We don’t know the code.

Yeah but the people who know the code are not saying anything, so…

Happy in general although more information/open communication about coming hotfixes, and potential challenges the team are facing, would be useful in tempering our expectations and also providing some comfort. A hotfix was mentioned but very little detail provided.

CTDs on Xbox on every final approach after a long haul flight are getting really deflating. As are all instruments blacking out.

I am finding ways to enjoy myself and having a great time nonetheless, but communication on some of these known issues - and progress toward fixes in either hotfixes or SU VI - would be useful and avoid a lot of disappointment every update.

Regular communication as to what is targeted for being fixed in SU VI, and progress toward such items, communicated regularly would give people more realistic expectations.

As I said, finding ways to have fun on Series X nonetheless.


Hopefully the hot fix comes early in next week instead of the end of the week. Xbox users miss flying at night and have no workaround.

I didn’t realize this earlier, but since the Q&A is postponed until further notice, would you mind considering re-opening the following forum for posting?
Latest Community/Dev Q&A: In Review topics - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

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Haha, realy? I had to install the xbox app. I was a big fan of Microsoft, but this now is getting to somewhere i don’t want to follow.
Shame on you doing this without any information nor helping me out of this. Had to find it by luck.

Maybe I’m missing something but FS won’t launch because it says there is a mandatory update in the Microsoft store. But when I go there I don’t see the update. Anyone have any answers.


Nevermind I found it. Thanks to this forum. Ugh.

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