Official Discussion: Upcoming Hotfix Announcement

TBF I think the point most of the people were making is that these things were BUGS and to give the devs a little time. The conspiracy posts were a little nuts for awhile.


Please add fixing the spoilers bug to the list. SU5 broke “Toggle Spoilers” functionality across all aircraft and re-mapping the keys on either joystick or keyboard do not fix the issue (hot fix did not fix it) I tried both re-mapping or adding new keys on keyboard and joystick for ‘Toggle Spoilers’ assignment and non of them work. I tried default profile assignments without any luck.

Was anyone able to get theirs to work? Is there workaround ?


Thank you Jayne for this hotfix announcement!!
And of course all of you guys known as to be our community putting in the effort of reporting the issues to the team.

I feel like this is the way to go and another step forward to making this sim the best looking and most realistic experience a flightsimmer can have.

Keep up the good work!!
Kudos for everyone👍🏼

Happy flying✈️

Cheers Mark


Odd. I was flying the Longitude last night. Speed tape seemed to work fine for me, including all over / underspeed warnings.

I find the jet performs like hot garbage though… Even after installing the updated performance mod and setting custom weather (to bypass the altitude temperature issue), it was struggling to climb about FL360 and porpoising on climb. Very disappointing. I’ll stick with the WT CJ4 until they fix the Longitude. I can’t bear to fly it as is even though it’s my favourite jet in the sim.

I was able to turn the tail light on and off via my Stream Deck via SimConnect. I didn’t try from the virtual cockpit switches though.


Thank you very much!
First of all for recognizing our issues (I think that’s the part that made a lot of people a little angry), but of course also for addressing them.
Please take your time with the fix! I gladly spend a weekend without flying if the Sim is back to beautiful in a week or two.
Good Day.

Edit: Oh and please look at the lightning bug. That one is insanely annoying too.


Hi Jayne,

Thank you for the update. My 2 cents with these two:

  1. I believe you’d need at least 4 ground texture pixels per screen pixels at a minimum:
    Nyquist frequency
    Nyquist-Shannon sampling theorem

  2. The issue is not just “over exposure” (although it is), and I don’t think a “brightness” slider is appropriate.
    Instead, I’d suggest you consider something more robust and working both for 2D and VR:

In addition, this one is most needed in VR (NB: this is just a LUT in the Pixel Shader code):


Finally and thank you!

I hope we will also see somekind of public apology of people in the higher management to their developers, for putting them into this position. I think we pretty much know how this happens…


Are the AI / Live Traffic planes’ lights ever going to be enabled again? Is this even on the devs’ radars at all? To those of us flying without name plates enabled, this is key to actually being to see other traffic, especially at night.

I was flying at night yesterday and literally had an A320 zip across in front of me a few hundred meters distance at most. Literally made me jump in my seat from the startle…


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! @Jummivana this is EXACTLY what we were wanting and hoping for and so happy it’s coming sooner than we thought.

This will absolutely bring SU5 to where it should be.


Let’s give them a shot first… I think this will help a lot. Hopefully.


Thanks for the communication. No doubt you’re also aware of the downgrade in anti-aliasing (this may be related to changes to the resolution scaling) so I hope that there will be attention to this as well


Anything on reflections? Had to turn them off in VR they’re bad.


Sometimes things need its time to be sorted out. I appreciate the official statement and hope that people are about calming down a bit. Thank you for giving us a signal that problems are being investigated and solved in the background. Thank you.


A very reassuring announcement.


I am not a developer, but my guess about adding/increasing more memory for PC usage will take longer than a couple of days to fix.


That list of fixes looks good to me. Thanks for finally acknowledging the issues and working on fixes. Let’s hope they actually fix these things and not need more patches for the patch.


I don’t use VR and anti-aliasing is my single biggest issue at the moment, with LOD pop-in a close second


what about the Live/AI traffic model matching? Aerosoft has canceled their modelmatching mod because of the sdk updates. can we make it possible again please?


Thank you, thats going fast at Asobo, all of the stuff is addressed, and we only can sit back and wait. Glad to here, we get back everything as before and even more!

I dont think we miss anything of less memory usage. CPU memory is for functions and not visual effects.