Official Discussion: Upcoming Hotfix Announcement

Hoping we will be flying again in the near future and taking the annoucement positively. We really need a break from the break we are forcefully getting! I’d like to imagine that in a few weeks time we could be back in action with the fixes and looking back at this time :slight_smile:

I absolutely don’t want to sound ungrateful but there’s no mention of fixing various SDK issues… Any news on that?

it’s having a lot of crashes in the flight simulator, xbox series s version, after many hours of continuous flight, and the pfds of the aircraft are getting black too

While we are at it, could you also elaborate on how this offscreen scenery cache slider will effect performance? Will it effect ram usage or fps?

I’m sorry if my wording might be letting the impression that I’m telling one how to do his job. If this is what transpires, let me say that I’m considering Asobo people are really smart and they would spot any exaggerated use of “complacent and precautious” wording as suspicious anyhow (“comme le nez au milieu du visage”).

This is why I might be more inclined to be synthetic and blunt with these technical matters, not because I’m being disrespectful to their intelligence, but because I believe it makes it easier to understanding each other on technical grounds when (but if) we’re letting feelings aside.

I can’t help knowing a lot of what I’ve talking about (I mean 20 years proven track record in the simulation industry must count for something) and I’d find it to be a wasted opportunity for Asobo and Microsoft not to benefiting from it*. This job offer is interesting for sure, and it also gives the perspective to working with Lionel whom latest video I adored, but I believe we could have a much better and fruitful collaboration in a much different way than this (although I wouldn’t mind considering moving back to France in this region :slight_smile: )

*just a small addendum because it might sound presumptuous, but as of now no one is benefiting from each other expertise still and I believe there is much more we could do together than just in a role of 3rd party vendor.


we can try it and see cant we?

I am relaxing again. I will be looking forward to flying and enjoying it again. Thanks.

Well said :+1:

The white dote in the cockpit using X-box controller. It should be possible to toggle on/off. X-box controller is a Microsoft hardware you cant use in Microsoft Flightsimulator.

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Uhm, why is this in response to me? :wink:

Yes, also brings in a huge mouse pointer in the middle of my screen giving me 2 mouse pointers :white_check_mark: I’m using an Xbox controller for the drone but it’s pretty much no longer useable without this new feature showing its face since the last update. Next to that, turning the controller on while the game is running seems to cause issues as well. While in the cockpit the camera starts turning by itself and you can’t stop this.


Can the AI piloting be a little more accurate? Or maybe I’m doing something wrong. Rarely lands on the runway.



If at all possible, would like to see this one fixed in the upcoming hotfix as well, as it is impacting those wanting to fly e.g. on Vatsim/IVAO significantly (especially when flying at night).

Live/AI Traffic Missing Lights



What an incredible news! Thank you @Jummivana, can’t wait to test this when ready!

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Not having to manage the large number of offscreen scenery entities provides a boost in FPS and a decrease in RAM usage. Therefore, this slider will be a tradeoff between those things, just like the LOD sliders are. Users will be able to adjust this to get the balance that they like best. I wouldn’t be comfortable giving any kind of predictions, though, on the scale of those.

-Matt | Working Title


Awesome news, thanks!

How many shots do we give them though? I appreciate updates and apologies when things go wrong. But I’d really prefer them to just do their job and pump out at least one update that doesn’t screw up something else.

Three things:

On deluxe/premium aircraft, the trim wheel is either stuck up or down with an audible “click” when trying to trim the aircraft.

Deluxe 172: fuel selector stuck on Left and can not start the engine using controls, must use CTRL+E

When using right mouse to look, controls no longer take input


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They should skip a World Update and spend that time on just fixing longstanding bugs.


I’ve noticed CTDs when spawning into certain gates/ramp locations at certain airports like JFK, LGA, SFO, etc….I do not get a CTD when I spawn into a runway at those airports or in the air near them. Not sure if that one has been reported…