Official Discussion: Upcoming Hotfix Announcement

@Jummivana With these bug fixes that are due soon, like the LOD detail etc effect the increases seen in FPS and general better smoothness of gameplay.

Any news on fixes on the occasional long stutters sometimes around 10-20 seconds long?

@ Jummivana Please consider thsese as bugs to be reviewed and fixed also:

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Awesome!!!.. cant wait!!! :grinning: :palms_up_together: :raised_hands:

I like the Lock feature.
Need to check mouse function while in Lock mode (Cockpit Interaction).

ALT Dial:
Mouse sliding fwd and bkwd erratic.
Mouse sliding right does increase the Altitude but only goes to 800 feet.

To set Alt to 3,000 feet takes takes several tries.

  • Ist Left btn hold to yellow and slide right 800
  • 2nd try 1600
  • 3rd try 2400
  • 4th try up to the desired 3,000

VS & Speed Dial
Speed dial works fine with sliding mouse backward to increase the speed.
Works erratic with sliding mouse right or left

Thanks for the open communication. I hope the white dot and toolbar Problem gets also adressed . Keep your Hard work going on.


There is an issue with lack of turbulence. Even with gusty wind conditions its like flying on rails. Perhaps there could be a solution to turn turbulence off or on? Just in case many users don’t like the realism with turbulence.

For realistic simulation turbulence is a very important aspect of flying.

Thanks for the feedback and looking forward to the next update :blush:.


Thank you for making the community aware of your progress. Hopefully, you will also address the throttle issue with the TBM. Not sure what happened there, but my throttle peripheral doesn’t work correctly with that specific airplane but works perfectly for all others.

Not sure how I feel about this. So this means that the clouds looked more true to life in sim update 5 vs sim update 4. Because of the overexposure bug, they’re reverting the shader changes. Why can’t they just fix the bug and don’t revert the shader improvements for clouds?

The type of issues we are seeing should be spotted in the regression testing for SU5. Every update has so many existing functionalities broken. The update should not even be released without fixing such bugs.


OR, lets hope they release it when its good and ready and well tested.

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Can’t wait to enjoy world’s landscapes while cruising on high altitudes again :slight_smile:

But announcement of the awareness of the issues in this scale should come earlier!

Thank you for your response,
The one key bug is the pauses the sim makes sometimes, that cause major frustration.
Hope to see this and the other bugs fixed soon.

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Wonder how these fixes will effect performance…

Quite right and while we are at it, why are bananas bent, and how come cucumbers are suddenly straight now and are we really sure the Earth isnt flat???

People please, Cant we just for once please, just for once just wait andf see ???

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I’m so with you regarding turbulence, please correct me if I’m wrong but I’m absolutely sure when I first got the game end of November during turbulence the cockpit used to shake, I say this as I was amazed at the problem of finding the buttons during the vibrations, it also brought much fun.

I rarely agree with the hair on fire complaining we’ve seen since release, but I do have to admit it does produce results.

I can sympathize with the Asobo team. I also worked on a development team, and we’re always up against strict deadlines. Needless to say, in was a constant grind since we always had competing interests within the company. More often than not, the main culprit was the boss himself, who was to afraid to say no. It was time to get real about the problem.

We were able to largely mitigate the dysfunction by moving over to Agile development, with clear-cut stakeholders and processes. We were always up against new features and technical debt. Features cannot be just bolted on, it often requires refactoring large swaths the code base.

While I am happy to see the Top Gun addition, I can imagine this is a major disruption to Asobo, due to Microsoft marketing…I can imagine the look on developers face when this edict was handed down.

I don’t know what processes Asobo is using, but I’m sure they are doing the best they can with what they have.


Just plain thank you

Is your community folder empty ?

No, I think you misunderstand. As I said, it was an attempt to increase realism in certain lighting conditions. It doesn’t mean that they, globally, look more realistic, or that the change was successful overall. Sometimes these things don’t work as expected over a large number of hardware and monitor configurations. But, now that there has been time over the past week or two to observe these changes over a much wider range of machines than were even available during the beta flighting, it was agreed that the previous shader produces better results in more conditions.

-Matt | Working Title


Can be seen positively, of course. Would be a shame, the sim has enormous potential. I just need satisfaction to visit the marketplace. Keep your fingers crossed that everything will go well and the trouble will be forgotten.

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