Official Discussion: Upcoming Hotfix Announcement

CTD on loading only get to TAKE TO PILOTS SEAT then CTD tried 3 new installs and lots and lots of other things too much to list never had a CTD before UP5.
Please fix ASAP missing my MSFS.

I have no stuck trim wheel, but the citation longitude has broken engines until I engage the thrust manually by the mouse.

Well i hope and expect that something good comes from all the fuzz last week. And i hope they also find a solution soon for the users (me included) that can’t install the sim anymore.

Thank you, here’s hoping we can all get back on track, and move forward with a stable visually stunning sim.

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I hope this effort also looks at the France Bush Trip that does a CTD when you land at the end of the last leg (before you can taxi or stop anywhere). There has been discussion about work arounds, but the work around is to delete the new airport in the applicable World Update. Thank you for your work on MSFS!

Is this also for Xbox or just pc?


If you could try not to break anything else in the process of putting these right, that would be great. Thanks.


Hopefully it will fix the zoom issue.

I been unable to zoom in and out. Select items of the toolbar and select switches.

Good statement. Thanks a lot.
I’m very glad Asobo has taken a stand here after almost 10 days filled with so many extremely negative and unfair posts, hate and destructive energy.

The fact that Asobo had a first hotfix ready after only two days and is now en route for the second one tells me again that they value the community feedback they get here and are able to react quickly considering MSFS is a highly complex piece of software.

Thanks Asobo.


They knew SU5 was full of bugs aboout 2 weeks before launch. The hotfix was in testing by various testers for about a week before it landed. THey didn’t whip up a hotfix in 2 days.


Yes, I think it got scaled down at some point, probably because some people were complaining about it making it hard to fly, but of course that’s the point!

Hopefully as with other things they can introduce a new option for it, so those of us who like realistic turbulence have the option of it. it’s always so disappointing to fly into a monster cumulonimbus painting red on the radar and…nothing.

Possibly related I find cross winds under-represented too, even in a strong cross wind it’s barely necessary to grab and you’ll fly way off course if you do. Cross wind landings should be one of the most fun and challenging parts of the sim!


Could you please fix the lod distance for series s, it is below par in some cities like new York and Paris, otherwise it’s all good :slight_smile:

interesting. Were you a beta tester or where did you get that information?
Well, if it happended that way I’m not entirely surprised. I guess, that’s the crux with a fixed launch date, with so much riding on the introduction of a new platform …

Please fix Thrustmaster Airbus TCA pack, some buttons like engine 1 and crank, normal, start are not working properly since SU5


I honestly think the new shader code is much better representing what you’d observe with a n.aked eye IRL, when the sun shinning through is making it nearly impossible to discerning details in the clouds because they are too bright for your eyes.

However the drawback in the implementation like you’re explaining is the global increase of what could be simply described as “ambiant” lighting, therefore reducing or eliminating some shadows, giving what some are also calling a “cartoon” look, etc… I’ve been also wondering whether another factor isn’t contributing to amplifying the differences (Rec.2020 vs BT.709 - see below).

I just hope personally this won’t be reverted to SU4 levels but this will be kept to SU5 rendering with a better balance of ambient/direct and MIE/Raleigh as well (there is another topic about this and haze since SU5…) in order to keep the much more realistic (to me at least) visuals of the clouds and their natural high reflectivity which is blinding IRL.

The main drawback of the increased luminosity to me is not much the clouds themselves, but the metering which is over exposing based on the total render average luma:

This is a problem in 2D and it is even more a problem in VR. This is why I’ve suggested the implementation of a spot metering or a weighted average system instead. Preliminary tests using the SteamVR FOV adjustment is showing me better results in averaging luma on the center quartile of the image (FOV 50%):

[BUG/FEATURE] Implement a metering system better suited for VR

Having said this and to keep things in balance, keeping the higher reflectivity would also require implementing this feature in my opinion:

[FEATURE REQUEST] Can you please add a “Sun Glasses” mode :sunglasses: ? (not a joke)

TL;DR: if you’ve already tried looking to the sun in game through a sun visor in an aircraft, the suggestion is to make is a standard option you can toggle with the same rendering principle as the sun visor but in front of the camera eye(s). This works great as-is with the game renderer, nothing complex to add than a follow-the-camera 3D glass material in front.

Hope this helps!


I hope log book, and world map bugs will be addressed in the future also.

I dont know if its been mentioned yet, but please take a look at the reflection effects on water in VR.
It is awful at the moment, and the only fix is to turn it off.
Can only be described as a moving shimmer along the edges of water areas.


The main thing for me is that at least they are looking into these issues and intend to put them right. I just want them to concentrate more on these kind of things rather than bringing in new bug ridden features.


Sound is good, but i dont see any information about tree draw distance. Possible to extend range?

I am very pleased to see such an extensive list of issues being addressed in the next hotfix. Thanks to MS and Asobo for responding to the legitimate concerns of the sim community.