On screen indication of sim rate

There is no on screen indication of sim rate. This is very confusing.


A small indicator in the corner of the screen, which shows the current simulation rate would be nice.


It was asked in alpha too. Until they fix it bind your keys (I use num - and +) and just keep in mind the lowest speed is 2 levels down from normal filght. So, whatever your sim rate, just press - for 8 times and the 2 times + and you should be at normal rate. Anyways, from what I noticed more than 2x speed starts buging badly with autopilot on.


thanks, another workaround is to look at a watch if there is one in the plane. Then you can see how fast the seconds will pass by.
I noticed manual flying is more stable on higher simulation rates.

I dislike workarounds … it should be easy to implement that and it’s a major wish …


and because of that i only named it “workaround” and not “solution” :wink:

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I concur this is a must-needed feature. Can’t believe it’s not implemented :man_facepalming:


You mean Frame rate?

No he means SIM RATE, it accelerates the simulation speed for say long flights.

Yes i agree there really need to be some 2x, 4x 8x somewhere.


Hi there,

is there a way to display the simulation rate on screen? When I change the simulation rate it works, but it doesn’t tell we at which rate it simulates.

Thanks in advance!


Only workaround I found yet is having a look on the clock in cockpit to determine how fast or slow time is passing.


Does it work like in previous FS iterations - press R and then + or - ? I tried that and I didn’t noticed my plane flying at warp speed :wink:

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I still dont understand why they didn’t add a sim rate display indicator on the screen after 8 months of reports/requests with tons of “please add display simulation rate on the screen” topics in previous alpha and beta tests and yet there is still no sim rate indicator.


Changing Sim Speed needs some form of UI feedback so the user knows what the current sim speed is when it’s changed. Right now a user must bring sim speed all the way down and up 2 notches to know they are at normal sim speed.


Yes, the display was working in alphas and betas don’t know why is gone now, I don’t know if am I at normal speed or not just for guessing…

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Three options, keep track of speed in your head, use the clock to check seconds and see if your back to 1x or press decrease many times so your sure your at 0.25 and press + 2 times to get back to 1x.

But yeah they should really add a display value in the corner whenever your not at 1X speed.


Thanks, is a good way actually!

They worked on the giraffes instead.

This sim is fantastic but only half done. A released alpha. Look at the checklists for most AC. They are an incomplete joke.


Some sort of wording to indicate the current acceleration rate would be good.


Agreed-would love to see a on-screen indication of the acceleration rater added in an update.

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