Online status is always offline and cant change server

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When I click on the top right icon of my username the online status is always displayed as offline and I cant change the server since sim update 5
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top big
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Click on player username in main menu and see if you area always displayed as offline
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Since sim update 5
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Hello, same problem since SU5, STORE version…

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Same here, Yesterday it was ok. Today I am unable to login.

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Sign out from Store, Xbox app and MSFS and relaunched sim, sign-in again and seems its ok now.

Good evening,

it just doesn’t work! I can play anyway, but I would have preferred to see it connected to the server …
Is this normal?


not normal

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i have he same problem. reset xbox account dont work. ms store version

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Having the same problem, was working fine last night, tried logging out and in on Xbox app, ms store and sim, still no joy, anybody have a solution ?

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Just found the solution

Hope this helps anybody having similar troubles


Thank you to you indeed it is the Dalefrew solution :smiley: this mode has never been activated since August last year for me … hard to find as a problem! a coffee at the pilots bar for you :coffee:


I too seem to be getting offline errors mid flight and on final (annoying). Then seconds later it goes online. Maybe this is Asobo working on a hotfix or server issues? Non the less I have not had connection issues prior to SU5


Ya lots of online issues, my weather keeps on changing to clear skies constantly

Well shucks, since he’s quoting my post and my blathering actually helped someone - beverages are on me!

Yeh I do agree, coffee is for N98KM, the solution was theirs I just passed it on , kudos to you, life saver.

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Hi, I have the same issue. My game status is offline and I can’t change the server. I have logged out from the x-box-server and logged in again but that doesn’t helped.
The only thing I have changed yesterday was that I have I created the rolling cache.

Turn on multiplayer and save changes.
You can change your status and server.

Turn off multiplayer and save changes.
You cannot change your status and server.
Status and server greyed out.

So turn on multiplayer and save changes.


Thank you TenPatrol, it helped, I’m now online again. Wonderful!


I have the same problem here since SU5, I cannot be online if multiplayer is OFF. Feel like if it was mandatory to use multiplayer to benefit from AZURE atc (bummer!)… ???

thats the concern i have whether photogrammetry and other features work when it says offline.

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Good evening everyone,

On the other hand I have stuttering since the activation of the multiplayer mode! well we can’t have it all (for now) :sleepy: