OpenXR Toolkit (upscaling, world scale, hand tracking...) - Release thread

Thanks for the excellent tips @FlyWithNick8888 . I have a similar rig (i9-10900K instead) and setup to your suggestions.

Remarkable outcome with crisp visuals and maintaining 30-32 FPS in most scenery areas. As mentioned by you FPS decreased in misty clouds to about 25FPS. Not tried yet in heavy fog /clouds.
I updated to the 512.15 nVidia driver and still on Win10, directX11. Good for me. Tried Motion Reprojection but don’t like the wavy visuals. Runs smooth without. Enabled preset ‘Quality’ for FFR instead of your suggestions. This setting places blocky pixels at extreme edge of FOV only and while a bit annoying (movement in peripheral vision is a ‘danger’ signal for us humans, especially if a big black a/c shadow), the process works well. Thanks @mbucchia and @CptLucky8. I did not have to dial down the red and green so much but turned up the blue as suggested. Of course, colours are perceived differently by each person and so it’s a handy adjustment to have depending where you fly. Not so much green in the Australian outback.
Dialled down PC settings in MSFS and VR settings as you suggested but dialled up Terrain and Objects LODs to maximum.
Noted your comments about G2 becoming confused by moving images on mirror monitor. Tried it with monitor off and did seem less jittery, especially at night.
Each update of MSFS is approached with high expectations and some trepidation as it usually means another round of tweaking settings to get the best result from VR. Thanks to everyone who has the time to do the hard slog and share experiences in these forums etc.
One last thought, I loaded up your suggested settings and found the instrument panel was slightly blurry until I realised the IPD setting on G2 was way out of my eye setting. A quick slide and crystal clear again. As someone else said above, need a checklist for starting up PC and getting all peripherals setup even before entering a/c, lol.


When I played Dirt Rally 2 after about a year not playing, the performance improvement was great where I thought this could be because of my installed OpenXR Toolkit.
@mbucchia explained (above) that technically that could not be the case.

Then I noticed resolution values of SteamVR are off the scale, and what appears to be happening is that the SteamVR team is implementing ‘upscaling’ as a default for SteamVR now and this mentioned by their development team (haven’t found that yet but mentioned in threads).
Because manual resolution now is somewhat wild guessing (to me), if you set SteamVR Video Render Resolution to “Auto” (before this, manual 100% was the preference), that will attain the preferred default for the ‘new’ upscaling (no idea how long ago they started this).

I don’t understand how technically everything works, but using OpenCompositeACC (so bypassing Steam) and using the Toolkit gave me a huge, huge boost in Dirt Rally 2. Before I had to run it in CMAA mode with graphics all turned to the minimum to get 90fps with my G2, now I run it at 4xMSAA and all gfx set to High.
The devs of DR2 already wrote that there was an issue with the SteamVR/WMR combo they couldn’t fix so I’m really happy I can bypass steamvr now.
Only issue I have is that now recenter in VR doesn’t work… the cam moves to the left each time I press recenter. Have to mess with that some more…

Hi @mbucchia and the other devs, i just tried the independent FOV options. This is a real gamechanger for me! :+1: :smiley: :sunglasses: Even that i use “Optimize for Performance” in Mixed Reality, i can go as low as about 85% on left eye right side and right eye left side and something in the 90s for top and bottom. I never saw such a sharp picture!!! :nerd_face:
One small sownside is that you have to close one eye to use the OpenXR Toolkit Menu as it is no more aligned then. But the view is spactacular. Used it with 80% FSR, 125% OXR and 100%MSFS. This is now my preferred setting for Airliners.
It still does not work with MR on (i use this for GA), but i hope this gets fixed by OXR in the future.
Many thanks again for your efforts!


Thanks, I was thinking about you when I added this :smiley: cause I know you asked for this back in December.

We sort of have a plan to avoid these menu distortion butn it involves a bit of rewiring of the menu rendering,so it probably won’t be done for a little while. Btw you can force the menu in one eye only from the desktop app, if that helps until then!

Hopefully these diagrams help understand what’s going on:

OpenXR vs OpenVR paths

OpenComposite-ACC to replace SteamVR


Hey mate. Saw you flying out Birdsville way today! Interested to know where you landed on your colour settings given we were flying over the outback?


That helps a bunch, cheers for this :slight_smile:

Whats the independent fov sir, sounds interesting and worth a look ?

…oh dear, why can i not write the same as before…
Definitely, with the newest Toolkit 1.0.5 (perhaps only with experimental settings enabled) you can set the FOV on the sides and Top/Bottom differently. Not only one value like before. This is very beneficial for me as near my nose i do not see much of the displays and can use a FOV of about only 85% without seeing any black sides. As you lower the FOV the FPS stay the same but the resolution gets up! Just try it. Incrementally dial down the FOV values one at a time until you just see the black border. This is your best setting.


I appreciate that people try. But invariably each person needs to tweak their own system to their own tastes and setups


Your recommendations maybe be the only no nonsense ones Ive seen.

I know I had the green turned down to about 45 and blue turned up to 52. Red at 50. Looked natural but then not much greenery. Sky looked about right, pollution free sky blue. Tried settings at Broken Hill as I’ve been there few times irl. Way to much green as stockpiles/roads all looked green. Green 30, blue and red 40 looked more like the real world. Then went to the UK and the settings appeared totally washed out and reset all to 50, dialed down brightness to 45. At those settings looked ok.
So I think the settings are dependent on the map data and the seasons. The UK map around Hampshire looks like late summer (fields dried out, crops harvested, etc.) but not yet autumn. Been there a few times in all seasons and settings at 50 does not look oversaturated, but did turn down brightness to 45. Hope we get seasons in MSFS soon. UK best in autumn when leaves turning.

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Thankyou, thats my afternoon sorted.

If your aircraft has tinted windows you need to set color from an external view (and neutral daylight) …

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I went through the very same thing but with AMS2 not too long ago. If you go back to the very beginnings of this legendary thread you will see that I could have sworn that the OXR Toolkit had also made a difference to other programs like ams2 but Matthieu promptly sat my #$% down and explained it me proper :rofl:.

However, what’s real interesting for me is that I also just started running DR2 on my Odyssey HMD + and although I have been quite happy with the recent tweaks, this acccompositor tweak has gained my interest. Is this the 3rd party utility?

Thanks mate - appreciated!

Yes I’m talking about OpenCompositeACC together with OpenXR Toolkit. Releases · Jabbah / OpenCompositeACC · GitLab. You then bypass SteamVR. For DR2 it does wonders. I spent a lot of time tweaking DR2 because it ran extremely poor on my I9 9900 + 2080S. Had to run it at 60% supersampling and gfx to minimum to get 90fps. Now I run it at 80% with gfx set to high and still get 90fps.
OpenCompositeACC doesn’t work with AMS2 yet unfortunately.

If you are one who is striving for the best graphics, have you tried increasing graphics settings to the point that when you enter VR you see the dots circling and think your system can’t run at the high or ultra or high LOD settings etc. and back right out? I’m running a 9700K, 32GB ram, RTX 3080 Ti with WMR and a G2 headset., latest Windows 10, no OCs and find if I push settings very high but wait, wait, wait while the dots circle when entering VR I then see a clean blue screen flash on for a few seconds, maybe the dots circle some more and then VR opens with maybe 5 or 6 fps.

More waiting and then the fps jump to 10, then 16, or so and then end up at 40 to 45 with great graphics, smooth flying if I use moderate control inputs. The cockpit will be extremely sharp. This may take 2 to 3 minutes, but the wait, at least for me is worth the great graphics.

If you find yourself sitting at 1 or 2 fps and after waiting you realize your system won’t handle the higher settings just hold the key(s) you have assigned to toggle VR and wait and you will eventually go out of VR without having to resort to restarting the MSFS Sim.

Reducing FOV as others have mentioned also helps the clarity.

I run photogrammetry, Ultra on buildings, trees, and a couple of others, turn off most of the cockpit settings or lower them further down the graphics settings of VR. I run open XR at 150 to 200, in game resolution at 80, openxr toolkit at 80, FSR, sharpen at 50. Every system of course is different ut give the much higher settings a try, but wait, wait, wait… and see how it works for you.

I have figured which lamps have to be on in the room and how to rotate the goggles so this won’t take 2 to 3 minutes. Have Mixed Reality Portal off I noticed (and not checking in the Reverb goggles) highly ups the chance that my z-depth axis won’t be tracking.