OpenXR Toolkit (upscaling, world scale, hand tracking...) - Release thread

I’ve never run DX12 before. I’ve always avoided because I’ve heard it’s not stable. I’m curious to give it a try. Going to switch over to SU10 after.

I am now running SU9 DX12 FSR and the Tracking judder is visible in both Sim and Sim Menu when in VR using FSR. Performance is not great and there is stuttering. I get eliminate most of the stuttering by reducing values. Post Processing works I can change the appearance. I had avoided DX12 in SU9 as we understood the performance to be terrible. Disabling FSR and just running DX12 SU9 plus Post Processing is not smooth by any means but this juddering / tracking issue goes away. Enabling FSR or NIS re introduces the juddering. Exiting VR whilst in DX12 causes CTD. Dropping back SU9 DX11 FSR works fine no tracking issues.

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I gave DX12 and SU9 a try. I didn’t make any other changes, so FSR was on. My observations were:

  • I did see bad lag looking left/right. Not always but it’s not something I’m used to seeing.
  • The graphics looked a little softer, perhaps too soft.
  • My mouse was verry laggy and at times would not move
  • I had a CTD when tabbing out of VR. I don’t normally have any CTDs.

I would love to know how you guys are using DX12 n VR ( thought it didnt work) to many bugs. me i just CTD every time i try to enter VR with Dx12

Are you on SU10? What equipment are you using regarding headset, gpu, cpu and os?

If you’re on SU10 here’s a link to a work around for the CTD when attempting to use DX12. However once into DX12 a lot of us cannot use NIS or FSR without getting symptoms of tracking judders when moving our heads.

I couldn’t get it working with or without any OpenXR overlays. I’m wondering if it’s a AMD CPU issue as to why some of us have bad DX12 performance.

If so, it’s likely more developers’ fault for only working in Intel based system. Much like why developers usually release bad VR.

However , DX 11 and OpenXR Toolkit just work so nicely. I just crave a little more sharpness. Both of which I think requires first a better VR headset and then a 4080+ series card.

Did you try the regedit to get into DX12?


I did have my textures set to Ultra. Which I think might be what causes the huge trees from what I’ve read.

Hi…I have a RTX 3070. I’m not using DX12. The strange thing is the horizontal stutter occurs even when I’m at 40fps (only in city photographical areas).

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Try setting OFF SCREEN TERRAIN PRE-CACHING to Ultra and see if that helps.

Or, try what I did, OFF/delete (and that other one)

My AMD 6800XT and SU10 made DX12 VR with OpenXR Tool, CTD every time

Somebody informed me of that and without OpenXR Tool DX12 VR actually works with SU10 (Win10). If only I had no troubles with a second Logitech mouse I did not realize I had, I would not have downloaded \Official 2 times (or was it 3, after a first update)

DX12/SU10 set like OpenXR Tool, downed Resolution, upped AMD ‘sharpening’ (FSR something, all caches off) and does same VR FPS 42+, smooth, sharp, stable, toggle in/out VR no problem

miss sunglasses and color correction though

Did you check this out w.r.t DX12 and OpenXR Toolkit?


Disregard previous, got DX12 VR SU10 working!
Will do some testing

Just tested “DWORD 32 bit named disable_interceptor” indeed no CTD toggling DX12


prob Google Mod error

Color editing, sunglasses etc work, which is great
FSR and sharpen give smearing as far as I tested, using MSFS options

Hey i did this regedit, and it worked no more CTD with DX12 in VR. Now I don’t have to switch back and forth what a pain that was.
Buy you a coffee or road pop?

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I’m back after a long while, and so much has happened… I didn’t fire up VR in months, because I had to finish and release my CYOO Oshawa airport. Now that it’s out, I can finally update everything and fly in VR. Can someone bring me up to speed?

  • What are the current recommended settings for Reverb G2 / 3080 system nowadays? What to enable and set between OpenXR Toolking and DLSS SU10? I’m a motion reprojection guy (can’t fly without it, not too bothered by the artifacts) so what settings do you recommend?
  • Can DLSS be used in conjunction with OpenXR foveated rendering? What features to use from each and what to set them to?
  • What’s the status with hand tracking interaction (ultraLeap), is it stable with the latest buid, do hands still disappear frequently, or is fully flyable?
  • What NVIDIA drivers to use / not to use, is the latest driver good for OpenXR Toolkit?
  • Should I use DX11 or DX12 once the SU10 is released, and will OXR Toolkit work with DX12 and does it matter (is DX12 faster or not)?

@mbucchia Sorry to disappear for a while, but I should be back to VR flying next week, after I sort out software updates and fine-tune my DIY motion rig and VR to be operational again. If you want any specific feedback on hand tracking or anything else - let me know and I will test it specifically.


Make sure if you haven’t already to read some of @mbucchia posts above pertaining to issues with VR and SU10 including a regedit to address CTDs.

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I’ve been here the entire time and have the same question :rofl:

I have a 3080, G2, prefer MR.

I have landed on unchecking the OpenXR custom resolution and setting MR to automatic. Latest drivers are all stable. I currently leave @mbucchia mbuccia, et al toolkit disabled as it gives me some odd glitches when moving my head.

DLSS also has motion Reprojection. I flip flop between using it instead of OpenXR.

I have ffr disabled via a reg hack but didn’t use it much porior to SU10 beta.

Stick with DX11 for now.

Join the beta if you haven’t already.

Welcome back!

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I have a strong preference for OXR toolkit because of hand tracking with ultraLeap. It has a potential of being a total game changer. Months ago I had an issue of it deactivation often, so it was difficult to use. I wonder if it’s still the case, because in the moments that it worked it was an amazing feeling.

I also think that even if DLSS upscaling is better, OXR toolkit could still be used to squeeze some extra performance with FFR, and maybe add extra sharpening.

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