OpenXR Toolkit (upscaling, world scale, hand tracking...) - Release thread

Not sure I understand - are you saying to let ODT open the console window and just leave it open?

Any idea if any of this applies to the original quest and windows 10?

I’m flying from Florida to Europe in a G36 and I’m currently in Northern England. It’s so magical and beautiful! I’d be thrilled to never see another palm tree as long as I live.

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those who’ve moved here keep telling me it was like living in a


Any idea if any of this applies to the original quest and windows 10?

I believe it benefits w11 only but maybe give it a try.

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@TheClap ,@Jingle1966
If you happen to have fpsVR that you use on steam, the latest version includes a small application called win11fix.exe that patches the Oculus system so that you don’t need to open the console window in Windows 11 anymore.

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Did you get this working? I just discovered VoiceAttack today and sunglasses were my first thought! “Put dark sunglasses on”, “Take sunglasses off” would be great.
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Never mind, I see it’s coming in 1.1.1 which isn’t out just yet.

Sunglasses isn’t a assignable key yet, so you can’t link to Voice Attack yet :+1:

All ready to run with it once the new version hits.

Thank you for the explanation and pictures.
I’ll be trying this and will share the results.
Thx @mbucchia !

Hello Mbucchia, you can hear a lot about your work on this podcast ( from the beggining ), but from 20:05 minutes there is a special message for you PERSONALLY from the host of the show, please listen to :slight_smile:


Haha this is nice.

FYI we have plans for an interview on @PIESKYTOURS channel (with CptLucky as well), but we’ve been having a few challenges scheduling it because of me being sick last month, then being on vacation sometimes this month. But it’s happening for sure! Just a little bit delayed.


I have a 3080TI and use a Pimax 8kx. Would anyone be willing to point me towards or share with me settings to get good performance? I am somewhat tech savvy but VR is still fairly new to me and am having trouble. I’ve done a lot of tweaking of settings over the past few months and I feel like my performance (both FPS and quality) is worse than before SU8 and OpenXR toolkit.

I fly mostly smaller GA airports in the TBM, and I think most important to me is the ability to clearly see the EFIS displays, and I noticed yesterday while flying I was having trouble even reading the current TRQ setting, etc. I am sure I have some settings jacked up.

I am looking for settings in the Pimax app, settings in SteamVR, settings in OpenXR toolkit, and settings in sim.

Currently In Pimax I have render set to 1.25, PP on, and FOV as normal. In SteamVR I have res set to 100% and don’t think I’ve changed any other settings there. In MSFS I have render set to 100, with most things on high or ultra. For OpenXR I have FSR on and size at 85%, sharpness at around 40.

I tried the Pimax WF “hack” but I am sure I didn’t have some settings right as it did not do well at all. Had black edges particularly on left side that load in in squares when I turn my head and is immersion killing.

It’s just OK as is… occasional FPS drop, outside looks reasonable but not “stunning”, cockpit displays blurry but can lean in to see. If I fly into a larger airport FPS really suffers. I am not sure what to try next but I was reasonably satisfied back on SU7 and I feel like I’ve gone down hill since then. It definitely isn’t smooth, or sharp. I’d like to get to at least “smooth” or at least “sharp”.

@fort384 I am using 8KX.
PP is an option that unnecessarily increases the drawing resolution and makes it look bad. I recommend turning it off. (It is a correction that makes a tilted display look right.)
Also, PIMAX WFOVHack is a valid parameter only for noPP. It alleviates incorrect culling on both edges of the screen, but only on the right side.

I recommend Pitool 1.5~2, SteamVR100%, FSR&NIS 30~40%. Light flares are off because they are double drawn in SU9. light shafts tend to produce black lines in clouds when using FFR.

FSR&NIS base resolution has the biggest impact on performance, followed by volume clouds. ffr slightly boosts performance.

For Sharpness, set the Unnecessary item in the Post Process section of the MSFS2020 UsrCfg.opt to 0.
Enabled 1
EyeAdaptation 1
ColorGrading 1
Sharpen 0
Fringe 0
LensDistortion 0
Dirt 1
LensFlare 0
LensFlare 0
LensBlurMultiplier 0
LensBlurMultiplier 0.000000
FringeMultiplier 1.000000
I think that a small change to the VR item in the nvidia control panel will also speed up the process.

Thanks I will give this a try. For the last bit on the NVIDIA control panel, can you explain that? I haven’t ever opened/touched that NVIDIA cp.

Ok so this certainly was a large performance boost. With the settings you suggest I can get pretty consistent 38-45 fps which is a 30-40% improvement. Image quality is about the same this way - that is acceptable but not great.

I changed my FOV to small (I.e. 100 degrees) as performance wise 120 degrees is fine from an FPS perspective, but the culling on the left side even with the hack enabled is just too much in a wider FOV. It’s still there but a little less noticeable with 100 degree FOV. Hoping that can be addressed in a future update - but for now your suggestions were very helpful. Thank you.

If you are seeing 45FPS on the display, using motion smoothing in steamVR will give you as smooth as 90FPS, which would hit the highest rendering rate of 8KX.

Also have you already set maxRecommendedResolution in steamvr.vrsettings file?" maxRecommendedResolution" : 16384,

It is difficult to point out all the parameters that affect VR rendering results as they exist in various places.
Since this is a thread for OpenXRtoolkit, you should probably create a dedicated thread for PIMAX or here.

Version 1.1.2 is out now on our website.

Quickstart | OpenXR Toolkit (

Note: I will be on vacation next 5 days, and likely respond slowly or not at all :slight_smile:

EDIT: There was a very short lived version 1.1.1 which contained a severe bug and was superseded within the hour. Skip directly to 1.1.2 please!

EDIT2: We havent completed the documentation for some of the new feaures, in particular the command line tool. But I know there’s tons of smart people on this forum that will figure it out and can answer questions for now. See my reference post here: OpenXR Toolkit (upscaling, world scale, hand tracking...) - Release thread - #2059 by mbucchia


Great. Read before this update is more geared towards open composite games which is primarliy what i use VR for. If ok with you and without violating any forum rules I can post feedback for my experience with DCS, IL2 and ACC

Small note i think your OC-ACC link on the home page may be out of date i get a 404 message when clicked.

I haven’t written the page yet :slight_smile: Thanks.

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Have a nice vacation. You’ve certainly earned it.