Optimal settings for Flight Simulator - Nvidia

FS11 seems to always read what your refresh rate is in your video card CP. I made a “custom” resolution and tested for 50 in the CP. I can usually hover around 50 quite well and with vertical sync “on” in the game, it reads the 50 in the CP
hope this helps a little.
…or if your monitor will “test” successfully at 40, it can still feel pretty smooth

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For me its better, but not perfect, with the recommended settings by “TheOriginalBabu”.

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This is fixed with a tweak to an MSI file. Look on the forums for glass cockpit 15fps tweak or something. It’s the only thing that makes most planes playable IMO

Excellent but i have an GTX 1660TI 6GB, the fps with this settings are 25 to 35. :frowning:

my game runned at 40 to 50 fps regardless of 4k or 2k resolution and setting could be maximum or minimum it didnt changed and after i enabled the fps limiter to 32 from a friends recommendation i got full 32 in 2 k but only 14 or 15 in 4k and it keeps crashing in more populated area’s im using the high preset as msfs recommended me and i have my gpu on the beta driver max performance the fps lock

my system:
r5 2600X
16GB ddr4 3200mh (enabled)
gtx 1070 2 ghz @ 45°C custom cooler
120gb ssd ©
1000gb ssd for games where the game is installed

Even my 2070 can’t run 4K well. At best I can get about 20-25 FPS in the sky. I would not expect a 1070 to be able to run 4K well at all.

depends on game and its engine. i play mostly simulators and in farming simulator i get 50 to 70 fps in 4k and in ets2/ats solid over 60 but yea my 1070 isnt made for 4k and i want a upgrade so ■■■■ badly. i looked out for used radeon VII and 2080 ti cause of the more vram but idk what price i can get for a VII or a 2080 ti since the prices are at 500 to 1000 euro

well, we need external settinger, do that in the game not way for every one

I suggest you watch the video in this thread. I believe it is one of the best ways to see how the graphics settings affect the gameplay, and to help you set the optimal values that work for your style of play (low-level, up in the clouds, etc.). I’m running an i7-9700K with a Quadro P2200 at 1440p, and I’m getting ~30FPS after tweaking the settings to my liking. This video really shows how little effect some of the settings have.


If this is of any help, you might want to look at the following (detailed suggestions with the 9700K and the 2070S):

My 2070 SUPER 4K settings and suggestions - episode 2

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I honestly wouldn’t go for a Readeon VII. The extra VRAM really won’t help you much at all and it’s performance typically falls below a 2080 Super from the benchmarks I have seen.

The only game where I actually saw a tangible difference with VRAM was in DOOM Eternal where you can see the usage. However, that game is already so incredibly optimized that it can fully utilize the GPU to the point where VRAM would be an issue in the first place.

I know you made this comment 2 weeks ago, but waiting for a 3070/3080, or to see AMD’s offerings in the future would probably be best.

i mostly watch out for a rdna 2 card and buy one when nvida somewehre fixed thier energy issues with thier 3000 cards

What a pathetic post, the poster is trying to assist people. FFS.

Has anyone figured a recommended config for the 3080? I’ve been tinkering, but it would be nice to start with a base config from someone experienced getting the best visuals out of the hardware.


Great post. The only question is the general conesus seems leave V-sync off - what’s your reason for leaving on? Thanks : )

So is it working for people?
Yes, no, maybe so?

EDIT: sorry, I misread your question, and my answer wasn’t on point.

Thank you, although live air-traffic and live weather don’t seem to be that impactful on CPU to me. I check my stats and I’m only really seeing 60%-80% usage… Perhaps it’s just because my framerate is capped to be smooth the whole ride but yeah. Cheers!

Followed these tips and saw an initial increase in FPS but also a gradual decrease through the flight (started at 60+ and within 20 minutes had dropped to 35) so I had another look and increased the rolling cache to 16GB from 8, and so far I have maintained throughout the flight a steady 55fps with no decrease. So some might find that helps a bit too depending on what you have already allocated.

RX 580 4GB, FX 8350 8 cores, 8 threads 4 GHz I get 20 - 35 FPS, good enough for me. Settings are Ultra and High for everything.

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