Options, profile menus disappeared; planes are purple/pink

Hi, I’ve never had a problem with updates until SU15. It’s a problem that has been reported in the SU15 beta forum. Also, my planes are purple/pink.
Previous report:
“When I load the sim, the options and profile menus have disappeared, as have several of the UI elements on the main menu such as the World Map picture, as well as the pictures for Activities and Flight Training.”

I’m on PC and use Steam. Sim has run fine since 2020
Anyone else experiencing this?
Please help! Thanks

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I have moved this topic out of the beta archive and into Bug Reporting Hub

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Hi, Thank you for replying… How do I use a template. I didn’t use dev mode or do any changes. I removed everything from my community folder before installation. Like I said, I have installed every SU for four years and this is the first time I’ve had a problem.
Windows 11
Intel(R) Core™ i5-9300H CPU @ 2.40GHz 2.40 GHz
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series ; Driver 555.85 (And yes. my graphics card has handled MSFS2020 just fine)

Is there a way to uninstall SU15 and reinstall it?

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Before you do this, let me make sure it will even fix it.

Could you try to start the sim in safe mode ?: for that, once in the sim, go to the windows task manager, terminate msfs.exe, restart the sim and you’ll get the safe mode option.

Ok. Safe Mode is loading now

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To force safe mode, you can create a blank file named “running.lock” in:
%AppData%\Microsoft Flight Simulator - Steam Version

Or while in MSFS, CTRL-ALT-DEL and end task.

I ended the task in task manager and reloaded the sim, this time in Safe Mode. I’m in it now.

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Is your menu ok and no more purple planes ?

Unfortunately, nothing changed. still have missing menu items and plane is purple

Hi @Snesra, you could try reinstalling that specific aircaft (and any others with pink textures). You can do this either by uninstalling them in the CONTENT MANAGER and then reinstalling, or by going into your Official folder and deleting that aircraft’s installation folder causing it to then be reinstalled the next time you launch the sim.

Let us know how you get on :sunglasses:

Edit: I’m looking up which folder cointains the menu items etc.

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Thanks but it’s most the planes, if not all. and that wouldn’t fix my blank menu items. Also the world map looks weird. and when i click on filters. that window is blank too.
It’s more than just aircraft looking purple. Is there a way to reinstall SU15?

No, you’d have to reinstall the entire sim. Sorry :frowning:

I can suggest some folders to try deleting and redownloading if you want to try, but there’s no guarantee we’d fix everything and that you wouldn’t run into something else that’s broken in the future.

Unfortunately the only 100% certain way to get everything easily fixed would be a full reinstall.

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Ugh. When I do a full reinstall do i get my payware from the MS Marketplace

And is there a good youtube link on how to uninstall and reinstall MS2020 that you all would recommend?

Yes, you can redownload from your content manager :slight_smile:

4 steps: Close the Sim, delete your Official folder, press verify installation on the MSFS Steam launcher via the Steam menu, re-launch the sim!

Thank you for your help. I have not had any problems with any updates in four years until the last SU. Welcome to my life lol


I have the same issue with the menus and my world map is showing wind layers (no pink planes/texture issues as I have noticed yet). I cannot see the Filters options (loads as a blank menu) so cannot change the world map settings.

How did you get on with the full reinstall? I notice you are running a lowish spec Processor (as I am I as I run it on a laptop (Razer with full fat RTX2060 GPU) Not had problems before on the settings I run it at, but had a CTD during install that I think may have led to this issue.



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