PA-28R Arrow III from Just Flight

Could it be that you had icing conditions? The visual representation is not there, but it still could affect the performance.
I’ve seen that happen on the G36 having icing set to “visual only” caused my performance degrade until I wasn’t able to climb at all without stalling.

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What were your power settings like? it’s worth consulting the charts in the ODM Manual they’ll give you the throttle, prop and mixture settings you should be aiming for depending on your phase of flight and altitude.

Based on the ODM (page 8), in clean configuration at 2700rpm, full throttle and mixture full rich at standard OAT, you’ll climb at 90kts IAS @350fpm through 10.000ft, fully loaded.

So I guess the expectations of the performance don’t meet reality here, 500fpm at FL110 is too steep except if OAT is -35°C or lower :slight_smile:
The Turbo will have better performance.

Make sure to report issues via their support page/ticket system.

The used look is I think based on the real version of the Arrow, but that’s a matter of taste. You of course can switch to the non-used look which is included.

The Standard events seem to work but the according switches don’t move, if I understand a report in the other thread correctly.

The tablet was never intended to have more functionality. While I understand the wish, there is no reason to expect that.
I would have wished to have proper checklists ingame though - my support ticket about them entirely missing was closed without response :frowning:

@GrimPhoenix9349 is active in the other thread to respond to some of the performance feedback.


Does anyone know if it’s possible to adjust the rate of change on the rudder trim… it jumps up rather than being smooth transitions.

Don’t have the JF Arrow yet, but SpadNext might fix it. Payware though, unfortunately, but there is a trial. The issue sounds similar to the elevator trim problems discussed here:

You can also have older weathered cockpit, but clean windows by copying certain files around. I really like it that way.


Yes. And Sim Update 3 was supposed to make big improvements in the GPS but unfortunately that didn’t occur.

Pity they priced it at 45 USD. I thought such pricing models were a thing of the past with MSFS reaching such a wide audience with greater sales potential. Shame. They will exclude a lot of potential customers at this current price level.


I think that is an old version of the preview versions possibly. I had 3 versions of the preview build and the 2nd version was really fast. The 3rd version slowed back down and when using the TAS calculator on the airspeed indicator (setting ALT over TEMP), the TAS was within a few knots of the TAS numbers from the actual Arrow III manual. That version also had a very high fuel flow and if you look below the MP gauge you can see that power is actually set for about 75% power and should be burning around 11-12 GPH and it is near 16 GPH.

I had zero clouds but it was a bit frosty. About -3° celsius at 5000ft

Just tried it, OAT at FL110 is -12°C, 2700rpm, leaned mixture to ROP, full throttle. I end up at around 102kts IAS and 500fpm while climbing through FL110.

Not sure why you reduced the rpm to 2500, but that’s probably your issue there.
The ODM has charts for full rich mixture which is of course not the best in these altitudes.

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Hi, it might have something to do with the button on the transponder itself - there’s a picture of it along with an explanation on page 27 of the manual - it looks more like a small LED than a button, you can find it immediately below the ‘IDENT’ text.

Hope this helps!

Thank you, I will check it and then try it again. Will report.

That’s the IDENT button…
If I ged a squawk and I tune it in and even after pressing IDENT, the ATC stays quiet and at some point cancels flight following or IFR.
Transponder is on ALT and blinks regularly, but ATC doesn’t seem to recognize it.

I checked via SimConnect, the squawk is correctly set, I assume it might have to do with the knob that enables the transponder.

I now reported it to their Support, seems I can’t get the Transponder to work with ingame ATC.

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It won’t be a thing of the past. More involved aircraft/development requires pricing to be higher. Wait until QW comes at $100 and PMDG at $140.

Thought it was worth a shot and went out to test it myself (didn’t really use ATC yesterday).
I can confirm that I have the same issue where the communication with ATC stops the same way - my ATC-panel looks exactly like yours.

Hopefully a minor but that will get fixed quickly, lovely plane.

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I don’t have much time for PMDGs pricing these days TBH. I bought the PMDG 737 NG when it came out for FSX at around 70 USD back then. Since they started producing for Prepar3d their prices have gone insane. Okay I get that Prepar3d is marketd for real pilots and study level etc. but MSFS is not limited to real pilots and at the end of the day is also for entertainment.

Pricing of addons need to reflect this. It is also grossly unfair on people from parts of the world earning less than the Western world (not me btw) who would no way be able to afford such addons.

I know some people want to treat flight sim as the holy grail of hobbies that they would spend their life savings on but I think it becomes a slippery slope when such high pricing is applied to slightly more complex GA aircraft and ‘that’ is seen as ‘normal’ when it is almost the same price as the base sim.

Personally I think Aerosoft got their pricing of the CRJ corrrct as it is a close to study level jet and built from the ground up with decals etc and more complex than a GA aircraft that has not been built from the ground up for MSFS. But I am a man of principle so some may refuse to see it the same and spend what they will.

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You are right in that PMDG produces a niche product - it is NOT for everyone. Thus, the people who don’t want the complexity won’t be inclined to spend the money for it, and that’s perfectly OK. At the end of the day, it’s all about the market viability - if their pricing strategy works in terms of sales colume and ability to recoup development effort sufficiently, why change it? Those who are willing and able to spend that kind of money are the ones who sustain their business model and pricing. If it becomes unsustainable, they will have to make adjustments.

Your argument about accessibility is not really grounded in reality. For example, I drive a new luxury car. Why? Cause I like it and I CAN. It’s never about prestige or status or showing off of any sort. I like it and I CAN. The others who drive the same car also CAN. There are plenty who for variety of reasons CANNOT. Does that mean my car manufacturer needs to adjust their pricing so that a person in less fortunate economic environment (say… sub-Saharan Africa) is able to drive one? I don’t think that’s going to happen. It isn’t viable. If I lose my primary source of income tomorrow, I will no longer be able to buy such a car. Now, for a hypothetical curveball - tomorrow the world undergoes a major economic collapse. Stay with me. Most people who were able to enjoy luxury products will not be able to sustain their investment. Sales of luxury cars tank. NOW you have a market condition which would force the automaker to adjust their position. Hey! This happened! Remember Hummer? Their foray out of military and into luxury civilian market? Then gas prices increased dramatically and no one was buying gas-guzzling Hummers. Guess what? They went the way of the dinosaurs - those same people who wanted to buy a Hummer now will buy a hybrid SUV. The market dictates viability… So, the same will happen here. Just let it be. :wink: If no one buys the new aircraft at those prices, the market will dictate viability here again as it always has. :wink:

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To be fair, looking at some prices of airport addons in the Marketplace, I don’t think the JF Arrow is that far away from a realistic price.

And it’s up to everyone to decide - I for one spend too short time at airports to buy scenery, as opposed to a well designed aircraft. But it’s just me and there are options for most of the users (including flying with default aircraft from the Game Pass subscription, which is fun too).

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