PA-28R Arrow III from Just Flight

Hi all,

A quick update - work continues on the flight model updates following the final release of SU11 and we are aiming to send a new test build to our kind volunteers and testing team this week. If that goes well then we can proceed with releasing those.

Thanks again for your patience,
Martyn - Just Flight


Great! Although I still consider myself a noob, it’s so different flying this plane compared to the stock GA’s. Just love it. One thing that would be great is a way to change the interiors from within the sims (as a livery, or with the tablet). Maybe that’s not possible but one can ask right?

Fantastic news Martyn and team!
The Arrows are still the best single prop GAs in the sim.
Really looking forward to the update :star_struck:

To celebrate, here’s the Turbo 3 over Naples:


Great news. Will the Turbo and Warrior get those as well?