Parked taildraggers sometimes shown with tail in the air or turned sideways

Every so often I see them standing like this on the ramp. That Piper just stands there with its engine off and tail in the air.

Today I saw a Pitts biplane starting and at first I was quite delighted by the occasion: finally, some life in the sim! But trying to taxi, it fell over and stayed forever like this with its engine running:

first picture - yes it started after su5

Poor thing…

4 voted, i don’t get it, this one of annoying things

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Can confirm - most of the time the prop is spinning as well.

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There’s another bug report for that:

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Could you folks kindly give me some airport ICAO codes where this is happening? I’d like to see if I can reproduce it.


Thanks! Is 1S1 also an Orbx product? I’m trying to reproduce this without any third-party products.

I’ve definitely seen it at KWVI. And also at Lanai, Hawaii PHNY. Both of which are using stock scenery.
Seen it quite a bit, actually. And I only have a couple of freeware sceneries added, KHAF and Gnoss Field in Novato, CA KDVO.

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I’m sorry, I 've mistaken this thread for another one. This happens regardless of the airport or addons. MSFS (at lease, in my setup) has obvious preference for taildraggers for some reason, so I have all airports full of them, and they all behave like that. On the video above, it’s default KSFF.

Thank you!