Patch 1.9.3. What happened?

I’m gonna go grab some biscuits now cause I don’t have popcorn :stuck_out_tongue:


Good for you. I just performed a flight from EDDF to EDDM and the MFD went black in the middle of the flight disengagin AP aswell. Happened 6 times till that time on various flights. And this is an issue to other users too. I don´t want to rant the game, i juszt want to name the issues.

That’s fair. Lots of threads on that issue - saw some solutions about turning off AI aircraft and othee things that might help.

Guys I think we can stop the discussion at this point. My issue got solved and we can close this thread :slight_smile:


I don’t declare that all is working perfectly.
Read our posts.

“There are downgrades in graphics that we get not solved”
“There is a building bug in Germany”
and couple of system issues.

I should probably link to my pre/post patch 2 and patch 3 screenshot comparison thread too at this point (although as you’ll see in that thread @Christiance5917 denies that my evidence exists).

Pre/Post Patch 2 & 3 Screenshot Comparison

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Yeah, i read those solutions, Even changing the virtual vfr folder etc. Didn´t work out for me. I do have a acceptable machine (I710700k RTX2070Super, 32 GIG3200 and SSD) and a 400Mbits Internet cable. As I said I don´t want to troll or rant the software, but there is still an aweful lot of dev work to do.

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We can argue some specific things being downgraded graphically since launch, but you are joking with this screenshots, seriously.
Graphics-wise MSFS2020 it’s in another league, there is no even chance of comparison only by lighting itself.


I have the building height fix, but I can’t find anything on draw distance. Can you either post or PM me a link?

Yep. Same experience. The game isn’t enjoyable anymore. And because of the crashes / freezes, it has become unplayable. Waiting for the next patch…

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It’s from the same guy.

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I’d suggest you don’t use the fix with both skyscraper fix and LOD override unless you change the override with the value = 2 (this is the maximum one working without side-effects).

As for the OP question (what happened with 1.9.3) I’ve started a new discussion with some interesting findings:

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Thanks. I’ll stick to the fix I have then. I thought the draw distance fix was for things like taxiway textures that go blurry way to close. I may have to make a new post to see if anyone has a remedy for that.


I totally agree with you. They have done an excellent job with the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. The images are spectacular and what I wanted so much and waited for so long.

I’ve always used Microsoft Flight Simulator, ever since it came out on the famous floppy disks. Where the stage had to be bought separately.

I differ from you when you say fix the problem you have created and take your time. I don’t think that’s the case, that’s why the game was bought and especially those who bought the most expensive version. These patches, before going live, are supposed to go through a series of tests and apparently they have not done so and to top it off they have ignored the problems (after the patch) and have not published that they are working on the situation (and give an estimate for when it will be available).

From the beginning (since downloading the game there have been problems). Especially the errors that have been found, due to entering incorrect numerical information (which has caused huge buildings, landing strips in an abyss, etc).

I hope the patch for all these fixes, caused by the last one, will be resolved before the end of this week!

Greetings, coordinators from San Juan, Puerto Rico.



By the end of the week !!! :joy: Thats really expect a MIRACLE of MIRACLES

By the end of the year maybe is far more realistic … It is what it is …
ASOBO may be good, but nobody is “end of the week” Good

(How long has it taken to get your power back from 3 years ago ? - I know some Still don’t have it )

Then don’t read it. You whining over these threads is worse. Just skip over these type of topics if you can’t handle them.

Because you say so?

You might want to contact moderators and help them merge all these similar discussions with your feedback?

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Already doing that regularly. Thanks.


Thanks for the time you took to make this testimony. I couldn’t agree more…