Payware Bell47G By FlyInside Available now

great! i mean, reliving mash is almost obligatory, but hard with a flat panel display in the cockpit!!!
looking forward to this now!


i play many haour on xplane 11 , i hope its too realistic , or maybe better than xplane11? becose honestly msfs is really unrealistic approach for the moment , Nice graphic but low realistic winds, grounds effects, water effect, i hope you need to use rudder axys for good control , and not just push up cyclic and lets go flight…

The sound, animation is primordial … 3 sounds only and go delete…
need to possibility to agjust level or use headset for good sound,
AND FIRST OPTIMISE VR :)) its the reason for many players pay invest in VR

I prefer Wait and pay 40€ for Strong addon and simulation than 20€ and playing only 2 h for test it and delete …

Great news :slight_smile:

Great nice one, thanks! :+1:

The collective just needs an axis assignment, and for example a few helicopters in X-Plane use a ‘spare’ assignment for the collective, it’s just a bit of a quirk in the XP11 sim. So even if the sim doesn’t natively have a collective function, you can still have full collective control and a separate throttle axis. Until MSFS natively supports helicopters, it seems unlikely they would have a named collective assignment, but that won’t stop the Bell 47 working as intended I’m sure.
I’m getting the impression that not so many people in this thread have tried the Flyinside Flight Sim - these guys are good, and I’d suggest that the helicopter flight dynamics in FFS are proof that they can be trusted with a project like this.

flying the Bell 47G is like balancing a whet soap on a balloon. Therefore I think the “Goldfish Bubble” is the best way to get familar with helicopters.

Hi All!
I Will be LIVE streaming the latest FlyInside Bell 47 for MSFS2020 at 3PM Eastern US time TODAY.

To join the voice discussion go to the VFO Discord Server at

And join the STREAM TALKBACK channel.

Lots of new stuff to be seen!

Did I mention it’s a REAL helicopter Flight Model?

Come and watch!

“Rotor” Rick


Hi Rick, it would be nice if you could save videos from your livestreaming at twitch, so that we can watch the stream or stream highlights later.


Since we haven’t finalized all the art and systems yet, we’re not saving video. My flights are really part of the testing process and we’re letting you all “take a peek.” Of course, we take all comments during the process. And, in fact, have incorporated many of your suggestions into the model already.

Post release we will keep doing just that AND posting post-flight videos.


Rotor Rick

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Looks very good.

Wait, … what about the untalented artists??? Can we use it too???


Well I’ve been using it so yes, untalented also :slight_smile:



Can you say anything about release date?


Hi Everyone!
I will be streaming the latest version of the FlyInside Bell 47G2 Helicopter via twitch tomorrow at 6PM Eastern US time. (2200 Zulu)

and if you’d like to talk back live please join our DISCORD server and enter the “Stream Talkback” channel

You’ll be able to ask questions live via voice or in the chat windows in real time.

Join us!

See you there,

Rotor Rick

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Hi Rick,

is there a chance that you save your stream on twitch so we could watch it later? 2200z is midnight for me and that’s impossible working in early shift unfortunately :smiley:

We are targeting release by end-of-April!


Sorry… we’ll try and do an earlier stream over the weekend. As I mentioned before, these are really just development “sneak peeks” and the art and flight characteristics are not finalized yet. We’re giving the community the ability to make comments and suggestions now. So no recordings yet. Once it’s released, there will be lots of demos and recorded streams to peruse at will. So many folks would poke holes in the model and flight model even though we keep telling people it isn’t locked in.

Many folks have made incredibly helpful suggestions during the streams. We’ve added features and the like in response…before release. It’s a great thing!



I see, no worries! I can wait for the release… no, actually I can‘t :rofl:

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We’re getting closer to the next stream!! Tune in and Follow me for even more sneak peaks!


Any updated ETA?

Could you make the GPS an option?