Payware NZ Flora - Aotearoa-creations (formerly SpritelyNZStudio)

EDIT: New website is up and should make things easier in terms of purchasing, managing downloads by registering an account, and the best of all, after sales support and an opportunity to give feedback.

Customers will get free updates for the life of the product (NZ Flora) and the upcoming Addons (nz mainland water bodies and coastlines, as well as nz outer islands and Chatham island vegetation… a watch this space. More to come)

We’ll worth a look.


I moved your post to Third Party Addon Discussion. Anything third party belongs in this section.

Thanks, I wasn’t completely sure where to post.

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No worries!

Hi @SpritelyNZ, just wondering what the changes to the water bodies you have mentioned on your NZ Flora page amount to? Have you added new water masks for inland lakes/inlets? Would be great to see some screenshots relating directly to these if possible! Thanks

I made a couple of videos so I could directly compare the differences.

Both videos are with the Orbx NZ mesh and the NZA Rotorua Airport Freeware.

First video is with default vegetation.
Second video is with the NZScenery (payware version) installed.


Quite subtle differences- almost too hard for me to tell which is which. Thanks for making the video though!

I’d be interested to see some video of screenshots around NZGB. The default vegetation is far too thick and high. Cheers!

agreed, don’t see much difference at all.

Hey all,

So the differences are as follows:

  • Adds more variety of tree species located in their real world position based on real world regional data.
  • Removed trees in areas that there should not be, the AI is good at what it does but it also means it places trees where they no longer exist in the Aerial Imagery. My scenery uses up-to-date data and so this means vegetation will only be placed where it exists as of 2021.
  • Able to granularize vegetation densities based on each species.
  • Custom Water bodies are an addition to the sim as Asobo appear to onlly use OSM data and this data is nowhere near as complete and granular as the data I use.

I hope this helps your understanding. Any other questions please ask. I also make changes to adapt to other sceneries so you still have a good base vegetation and airports and such can be used ontop.
All trees around the country have heights as per real life rather than an arbitary number Asobo may put on their heights. I have done alot of research on our vegetation and came up with this solution that uses real world heights as well as colouring as the default colouring is only based on the aerial imagery but does not necessarily reflect the actual heights and colours.

If you see over at my product page, there are comparisons images and other images to compare with. If you have purchased and don’t have the latest version 1.7 then please tag me here or come over to my discord as the vegetation has been exponentially enhanced in this version.

I’ve illustrated all this on my product page, updated in the last few days.


It depends what you are trying to achieve. if you just want pretty scenery they are both going to achieve that.

For me the stand out was that in the default scenery every single tree is a form of Pine tree and they are all similar heights. In the updated scenery the trees vary in both type and height. This is very noticeable for me in the little residential area near the airport.

Basically though, just like with mesh, whether it is worth it to you depends on what YOU see not what other people see.

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Thanks Kelvin! Purchased this morning and looking forward to a more realistic NZ in my sim.

Checked your updated website and the shots showing Beachlands with the before/after got me across the line :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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You welcome. Thanks so much for the support.

Any questions just ask. Feel free to share the love with those who are not as fortunate to experience the real New Zealand :eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If you check your Discord, I’m actually having a few issues and have posted a few questions there!

I’ll jump in and check it out.

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Just bought a copy! :slight_smile: :smiley:


MSFS20 just hangs when trying to load NZ flight now. :frowning:

Hey speed.

Thanks so much for supporting my project!

Let’s deal with your issue…

How many Addons do you have loaded?

There is actually a limit which I have tested and it’s about 100.

Could you give me your pc specs including hard drive specs?

Don’t worry we’ll work it out :slight_smile:

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Well my community folder has way over 100 files - mods- orbx sceneries, etc.

10850k Stock
64g Ram
XPG SX8200 2TB ssd

Yeah, Asobo need to sort this better. I’ve tested with 100+ Addons and there’s point where it will keep loading to infinity. It’s not my software that causes this. Just to test try disabling Addons until you get say 80 Addons then try again, you’ll discover that it’s the number of Addons causing this.

There do seem to be serious issues with the water masks loading with the latest updates. Particularly in busy areas where you have lots of assets like major airports. For example I could get Murchison to eventually load (took a while) but not Wellington. Disabling the Orbx NZ mesh did not help.

I got around it by disabling the water folder in addon linker (or you could just delete that folder and reinstall it once fixed) and just left the other two folders (corrections and vegetation) enabled and can at least get the much improved vegetation but with default water.

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