#PC Will not load Since UP5

Game will not load Since UP DATE 5. CDT When blue bar gets to about 80%.
This is the DVD Version 10 discs, have tried four times uninstalling and reinstalling and on a different SSD.
Have nothing in community folder this is a new install

Tried removing ALL USBs pluged in PC and a different mouse and keyboard with no luck.

All drivers are up to date including Windows 10 updates.

Up till update 5 worked fine without any CDT.

No overclocking of anything all STD

All other sims and Windows work without any problems it is only MSFS.

When it CDT it is always at the same time loading the blue bar gets to about 80% then CDT Just after were it says NEW ACTIVITIES.

PC Spec
CPU INTEL i7 4790 @ 4 GHZ
MONITOR 29 INCH 2560 X 1080

This PC ran MSFS very well on medium settings before UP5.

Nothing in your specs about your hard drive and system/sim set up which I suspect is where your problem lies. SU5 brought mega changes to data processing, not least that exFAT no longer works as a file system but there are other changes too including Windows Roaming not seeing all migrations. They may have to be physically updated in UserCfg.opt

And because you have a disk install things could be different so look in your content manager … those new activities might be there waiting to be installed

All versions - Sim freezes or crashes before loading fully – Microsoft Flight Simulator Support (zendesk.com)

Windows 10 installed on 250 Samsung SSD, 64BIT system

MSFS installed on Samsung 1TB SSD

I do not understand (Windows Roaming not seeing all migrations)

I do not understand (may have to be physically updated in UserCfg.opt)

I do not understand (so look in your content manager )

I do not have Capture one on my pc.

MSFS Worked perfectly up to Update5.

in the start menu click on disk management and check that both SSD’s are using NTFS and not exFAT or FAT32


When you installed the sim did you just let it decide where itself or did you move any files?
Also in task manager (ctrl alt delete) under Startup is there anything enabled?

OP-I think some good info here, first, put sim on C. If no room, move or uninstall something so C has enough space. My C is 1TB in size, so got pleanty of room, and bought this one because it has SSD C. I wish I had DVD version, I get to spend 2+days downloading this mess. For game to “sorta see itself” so it can install all the files, it puts something in C, regardless of where the bulk of the other stuff is. Do not know if you can have split drive install. Just byte bullet and put all on C, will solve all issues.

I have Windows installed on my C drive it is a Samsung SSD 250GB. There is only 81 GB left on this drive not enough for MSFS.

MSFS is installed on my E drive 1 TB Samsung SSD

The only thing running when MSFS is loading is M/S virus and threat protection I did end it but it still CTD

Looks very much like I am going to have to buy another bigger SSD to put Windows on as I am on a low pension (im 77) I will have to do without MSFS and my wife purchased it for me knowing how much I like my flight sims why did M/S not tell us when we purchase the DVD version ?

Thank you guys for the help.

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Hello everyone, I also have this problem after world update 6, it only worked 1 time and after loading it was stopped (about 80%) in the blue bar. I’ve formatted the pc, installed it again and continues. All very strange because it was ok and from one moment to another everything changed. greetings
PS: loading the sim without any mods

There’s no actual reason you can’t have both Windows and MSFS on the 250GB drive but the big packages folder (and your other sims and data) on the 1 TB one. Ideally you need to leave about 35 GB free on the smaller drive but even half that won’t be too impacted. In which case a large USB 3.1 (or better still 3.2 if your PC supports it) flash drive will be very handy for holding and transporting your mods etc. but if you don’t have such a flash drive on the 1 TB you can always shrink the existing volume and create a separate temporary partition if you know how. Windows, MSFS and any other programs that fit comfortaby are always best installed from scratch on a newly formatted drive.

Edit: Having just completed a full system clean up, Windows 11, essential MSFS program files and several utilities apps and drivers only take up 50GB of space on my C drive, the rest I mostly use for captures. On D (my fastest NVme 500GB) I have only my Community & Official folders and rolling and manual caches taking up about half of it so far and everything else, documents, pictures, videos, music etc. I have on a pair of raided HDDs (E) … I consider this pretty much the ideal set up for MSFS and one i would recommend to anyone even without NVme.

@Oldtimer7432 @Tallas182
As a quick test, can I please ask you to go offline (e.g. disconnect internet or local network connection) and see if the game boots and you can fly as normal (albeit without online services)?

Maybe it’s the same as this: [BUG LOGGED] CTD on loading - 100% reproducable - Account Issue

just trying to link some findings to accellerate the interest of the Devs in fixing this issue, plus it proves your installation and hardware is as fine as it can be if you can fly offline.

Thank you for your reply, as I am so fedup with this game that I have uninstalled it and all the Xbox stuff, I may reinstall it in the future but for now I have spent so much time trying to get it to work what with 4 installs, I have given up on it. For a company like Microsoft to put there name to it beats me ok they will get it right one day but I am not going to live for ever.
Sorry for going on but I come from the old school and if you sell a product then it should work for every one after all they had my (well my wifes) money.
Take care.


I have exactly the same feeling as you, I tried everything, the game works perfectly in OFFLINE and impossible since this update of ■■■■ to make it work since the XBOX are there. I wish I could help you buddy, but I still haven’t found a solution :confused:

Hi MrPix2020 i tried to launch FS2020 in offline mode and still the same, after clicking fly stops at 80%.
I’ll wait for some fix for the next times

I also tried to do what is on this link: https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4406047820690

and nothing works at the moment


these “IPC interface…” is FSUIPC7 , or ?

Try to uninstall or disable ( thought the FAQ mentioned it ).

Yes, IPC interface was the fsuipc, so i unistalled it and launch the sim again freeze again.
Looking the image we see not responding

hmmm… these 80%… have you already tried to Relogin in Xbox ( dont forget windows restart ) ? There are some other topics with these 80%-issue/or Offline-issue and mostly its a login thing and relogin helped ( unfortunately with some exceptions ).

Hi, i finished session on xbox and restarted as you said and tried to lauch fs2020 in mode offline too when I clicked on fly it loaded, but always to the same spot (on c152 in Lisbon).
Maybe there is something about servers?!