Performance with addons PC

I’m considering moving from series x to PC as I’m really bitten by the bug and just wanted to ask how addons can affect performance.
I would be looking to get a PC with an I9 and 3080 or 3090 GPU.
Would adding lots of third party addons really affect performance and FPS or the overall graphics in your opinion?
Any thoughts and advice greatly appreciated :+1:

Personal Comments:

Add-ons affect stability more than anything else, due to conflicts with each other and with the sim. Too many consumes storage space and increases start up times.

In short, be selective about what add-ons you use and install.

I use add-ons in two ways, mainly performance improvements to existing aircraft, and avionics improvements from Working Title. A few airports to make my home area closer to RL.


Ok thanks very much and useful to know.
I was kind of thinking if you have a high spec pc you could throw anything at it when it comes to addons but appreciate your personal comments.

I only have very little addons. A spitfire, piper and since recently again the fbw a320. The a320 is the only one that caused any problems but this was after a sim update and was resolved after a new version.

About your gpu choise, don’t spend extra on the rtx3090 if you’re only planning to use this for gaming. It’s never gonna use the vram. 3080ti should be more then enough.

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Same for me,

for example TBM930 Improvement Mod with WT G3000 all the time and I adjust/modify the other mods contained in the community folder according to the flight I want to do.


Thanks a lot for the advice as yes I’ll only be using it for the sim and other games so will definitely take this into consideration.

Very good point and could simply load certain scenery and/or airports depending on the flight to help avoid any conflicts or degradation.

I have lot of add ons, and they doesn’t affect performance at all, and if you are not going to play the game in 4k then a 3080 is more than enough.

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For the CG, it may also depend on what type of aircraft you want to fly with and where and if you play in 4K or 1440P.

I have an ‘‘old’’ RTX 2070S Gaming OC 8gb I use only the TBM930 and the Cessna 172, the other models do not interest me, I have a mix of Ultra and High in 1440P and it is impeccable, but if I had to use airliner on large airport, I will have problems

Of course if you can buy a 3080/90 for example it will be perfect, but we also see people with big Gamer configuration who have problems while others don’t with a PC that is less performing.

That’s the magic of the Flight Simulator series, overpowered or entry level PCs, we all have the same problems

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To be honest how the scenery looks and graphics is very important to me and I’d like to play in 4k and am currently doing so on the series x. Is 3080 not good enough for 4k on ultra?

I normally do just scenic flights and VFR in the Cessna but that’s more because I was a complete beginner when the sim first launched on the series x. As just mentioned I’d like to continue flying in 4k in mostly smaller planes and the quality of the scenery is very important. Thanks for the advice!

For 4k i would advice to go for the 3080Ti instead of the regular 3080.

The performance benefits from the 3090 vs the 3080ti are almost 0. The 3080ti is significantly cheaper.

I have a 3090 myself, but it’s only advantage is really the 24gb vram. Wich no game will ever use. I use mine for 3d rendering so it makes sense. Otherwise i wouldn’t know why anyone would buy it just for gaming.

Just google 3080ti vs 3090 and you’ll find lot’s of info about it👍

The money saved with buying the 3080ti would be better to invest in some proper fast nvme ssd with lot’s of space for your games.


Really good advice and appreciate your help :+1:
I’ll check out the differences and most importantly the price )

For sure download the Add-on Linker free tool which makes it very easy to toggle on/off the mods you have so you can just load the ones you want. It also makes it easy to unload all of them for Sim updates where you want to empty the community folder. Also, I have an i9 10900k and it runs very stable with a light OC at 5.1ghz, and a 3090 gpu, but I agree with other posts that the 3080ti is a better value (if you can say something that expensive is a value choice) as the sim isn’t able to use the vram. I got my 3090 in a Dell Alienware r11 desktop as it was just about the only way to get one at close to msrp. I would also get 32gb of ram (I use 8gb for a ram disk on the rolling cache which is great and very fast). If you get a setup with an i9 and 3080ti/3090 you will also have very good performance in VR if you go that route.

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Good advice about the 3080 video card.
I just went on Amazon and noticed a 3080 card for $1999.00…
OMG are you kidding me ? Those GREEDY Corporations !!

I was actually looking at buying a Dell Alienware Aurora R12. I’m working in Russia so not easy to build my own and buying components here is even more expensive than elsewhere in the world.
The specs I was looking at are:-

Intel Core i9 11900F, 2.5 GHz - 5.2 GHz, 32768 Mb, 1000 Gb SSD, DVD нет, nVidia GeForce RTX 3080 Ti 12288 Mb, 1000W, Windows 10 Home, черный, R12-7899

Works out to be around $4k which is more expensive than in the UK but I don’t have much choice unfortunately.

agree for the 3080Ti with 4K

On the other hand, the SUPER model will soon be available and seems to be on the heels of the TI model for a more advantageous price

Very good specifications for the R12, but be sure to get the “k” processor and not the “f” processor. The k processor is unlocked so if you want to use the mild overclocking that Dell has built into the Bios you need the K processor. The F processor can’t use it.

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A regular 3080 is completely fine for 4K. Of course if you have the money go higher and get the best you can. Your processor is going to matter just as much as your GPU so keep that in mind.

I would stay away from anything Dell.


I have a new Alienware R12 with lower specs (i7 11700f, 3060Ti) which costed ca. 2000 euros (vs. the 4000 you mention) and I have smooth play at 4K with settings high to ultra.
Only complaint: the noise of the fans and the concern about he high CPU temperatures (always in the +90C area). If you can live with the noise, and you buy the extended guarantee time span, should be fine…

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