Pico 4 and OpenXR Toolkit

What type of rendering are you using? DLSS for example will make the gauges fuzzy.

Use TAA… with DLSS you’ll need to push the resolution…

I have tried both TAA and DLSS Quality. Neither bring my Pico 4 to the level of My Brother’s images with an near identical hardware 5800X3D for me, he has 7900X3D, the rest is same 4090 etc. Virtual desktop Pico 4 hardware and FW etc. In game same setting etc…
I’m at a loss. I feel SteamVR is picking up or not something essential to provide a comparable image.

I have used Toolkit on TAA at 4400 overide and DLSS all the way past 6600 overide and it’s still not crisp. Steam Per Eye from 2100 up 3120-400% 5404 and 500%. I see improvements but not crisp. Plus Major Motion reprojection artifacts at any Setting.
My Brother and I have compared screenshots and it’s just worse. His game is installed on Steam, mine is Xbox game pass.

Maybe Asobo silently degrades textures on gamepass :smiley:

and introduce Motion reprojection artifacts?

Well I installed the steam copy of the game and Pico 4 handles it exactly the same as the MS Store or Game Pass for PC version. Fuzzy. Motion artifacts and general softness compared to G2. The sweet spot is big but soft. Given MSFS plentiful edges in cockpits, this could be the deal breaker. Looking at other games it is solid and works well but for MSFS it is trumped by the G2 for picture quality and performance with WMR and OpenXR native solutions. The Motion reprojection in WMR or Toolkit is better in my opinion.

If you are coming from WMR there is a possibility that you are hitting the SteamVR resolution bug.

  1. close SteamVR entirely
  2. locate the SteamVR settings file, it’s somewhere like C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\config\steamvr.vrsettings
  3. in that file, search for maxRecommendedResolution and make sure it’s set to very high like 8192 or 16384.

If you were victim of that bug, then in step 3) you should see a value of 3240. That would have constantly capped your resolution.

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Pico4 so could the “fuzzy” be down to compression?

I had one before my pimax crystal, using usb_c.to ethernet was far less compressed (compared to either usb tethered or WiFi) but still the compression introduced a softness/fuzziness…
(Edit: despite having a 4090 and using godlike mode on vd)

Loved the pico4 in a lot of ways (comfort/size/weight) but the image quality on the crystal is soooo much better

Matthieu, Vous etes un Dieu! 3240 etait le max. Tout est resolu!

You’re a gift to this community like you can’t imagine! I know, French modesty etc etc… I lived in france for 7 years…
Thank you.

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