Pilot avatar on/off

Hello, colleagues!
It has been discussed about having a co-pilot visible in the cockpit. In the options there is a list of avatars we can choose from. But why there is no option to turn avatars on and off?
For example, i would like to make walk around the aircraft and I want to see the aircraft empty. But there are always 2 guys seating… Also, during a flight I want to observe just one flying pilot from the external view. But there are always 2 guys seating…
I think that the on/off option is a must. What do you guys think?

That would be a really nice thing to have. But for the moment, the best we can do is to use a mod.

Yes, I know about this mod. But my point was about avatar;s visibility from outside view. By default there are 2 persons always visible. And there has to be an option to turn them on/off

It would be nice if both seats in a cockpit would be clickable adding a pilot/copilot by default. So addon devs don’t have to make a custom menu option in the MFD or clickspots to add/remove visible pilots.

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For default planes, this maybe could be done (although I’m much more in favor of having that set by the weight/fuel menu so that your loadout actually checks out), but for 3rd party planes the dev should always have to code that in themselves anyway.

There’s a separate Wishlist topic for that, too, if anyone would be interested:

Please make an option to remove the pilot model in external view.

I bet there are thousands of flightsimmers who would love to take pictures of their aircraft after a successful landing whitout having themselves still being glued to the pilot’s seat.

Should be a very easy implementation since it is already possible for the co-pilot as well as for the passengers on some addon-planes.

Just implement this little but important feature, please!!!

It does seem like the tech is out there, it’s just a matter of implementing it. On Ant’s Airplanes’ de Havilland Tiger Moth, you can turn on/off both pilots individually in both internal and external views, alongside a smart view so that in the rear seat, you’ll only see the forward pilot and vice versa if you’re in the front. I think the default de Havilland Beaver has something similar for the co-pilot

I believe in flightsim.cfg you can turn off the " see self =1 to =0
This will show the plane without pilot and co pilot.