Pitch too high in may planes

This is done by setting all the menus in the ASSISTANCE OPTIONS options to EASY.

Setting all the ACCESSIBILITY menu items to HARD makes flying much more realistic and challenging. As the description says “the most authentic experience.” It is so challenging I don’t know anyone who has flown any aircraft for mor than 10 or 15 minutes using all HARD settings.

I sit on a large cushion in a C172 and still cannot see over the dash on final and flare. An even larger cushion would not help as I would not reach the pedals. I am 5’5" so not tall but not a midget either.

You just learn to land by keeping centreline with a distant object or end of runway and judge height by your peripheral vision.

Trying to keep visual on the numbers in many real planes will have you coming in far too steep on short final.


? I’ve never used anything else…


Yeah never tried anything else, maybe it is partly what you are use to.

Some are trickier than others, the Bleriot and the G91 come to mind as keeping you on your toes.

Others like the Warrior, C140 or the default C152 are pretty tame even on hard settings.

That said, it may depend on your hardware, I use either an FFB2 or a Fulcrum yoke and pedals.

If I was using one of those short notchy combat sticks with a twist rudder, or maybe an XBox controller it might be different - and flying with keyboard would be insane.

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From the very first day MSFS was released last year I switched off all the helpers and set it to Hard. Works just fine (aside from the various modeling bugs).

And I bet you all simming enthusiasts or IRL pilots are on Hard.

Just like in real life, you don’t learn to fly a plane in 10min. Practice.

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Even that is not impossible, the rudder is a ■■■■■ though :joy:. I have flown using keyboard switches a couple of times to check something out quickly when I didn’t want to go through the effort to find and connect my joystick.

Problem is that the controls don’t auto-center like a joystick, neither can you really use any trim as you don’t really notice any “permanent” control forces. Therefore the controls probably aren’t centered when engaging the autopilot and keep overruling it, just check this weird autopilot bug:

Btw, also happens when using a joystick, just engage the AP and steer left or right and you will notice the in-sim yoke or stick moving in opposite direction.

I don’t know when this was introduced but the aircraft seems to have 2 sets of flight controls, if you steer left the autopilot steers to the right to compensate. Like you are controlling one aileron, the autopilot controls the other :joy:.

(Not exactly because that would make the ailerons either flaps or spoilers when deployed in the same direction, but you get my point).

I just hit the spacebar.
Then I can see much better

Euhm :nerd_face: meet the fool (me)

Helpers are off here, except fuel.and engine stress

How do you select autopilot on when flying using keyboard? Did you run into this one:

Keyboard Z is a toggle for that. I always need it on Isafjordur (Caravan)

My child tried to fly the 152, and it was a catastrophy…Definitely not suited for children under a certain age :sweat_smile::joy:

I know that, but when I use the keyboard to control the aircraft the autopilot goes crazy when engaged as the controls aren’t centered and overrule the AP.

Usually after every update. I try putting everything on HARD. Afte one or two flights, I reset to my custom settings. Aircraft damage, assisted checklist, and ATC voices I cannot do without.

Same here I’ve used hard settings since launch.

Here i have my own tweaked flightmodel for the 172.

Ive tightened the CL diagram, increased the wing and tail incidence. Increased flap moment and lift etc etc.

My grand daughter with aspergers probably could, especially on XBox. She combines challenging issues in most normal areas of life with an astounding ability to just pick up any screen related game or other task and just do it and make it look amazingly easy.

Been like that since about 3 or 4. At an age when she was not allowed access to a console or any games but was allowed to use a pad to watch cartoons she would switch to YouTube and sit for hours watching streams of kids games. Possibly because it was before speech therapy and she was still non verbal and the game streams had no speaking? Whatever was going on it was very odd.

Dear PZL104,
would you mind to take the time and tell me
in which file/folder I have to make your suggested
modifications ?
Thanks, by Walter
P.S.: I guess 104 = Starfighter, but PLZ? (Postleitzahl, hm ?)

G1000 is very accurate, though they do require calibration.

The plane may be cheap, but $Millions went into the certification.

I only use realistic settings. I view it as a simulator, not a game.

Let’s also not forget that individual tails can and do vary. Out of spec control surface rigging, years of modifications and maintenance etc.

Agree, that this difference can and should be trued up just a tad.

That’s the camera.cfg in the aircraft folder.
PZL104…my Avatar aircraft.

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Thanks !!
Try it out tomorrow,
bye walter

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