Playtime gone missing [Packages out of date]

Nope, this is from different causes, related to something that was done yesterday in the early afternoon UTC which forced the three update files. THis is NOT something from 2 months ago, as those file updates were only released yesterday according to Zendesk.

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yes, the same thing happened to me. Moreover, if you go into the achievement itself, then it is marked with checkmarks as completed.
The same is with the landings. If you go through them again, they will be displayed again in the profile


I meant the mess in the profile statistics of the entire simulator (from the number of flight hours to the logbook). New data is mixed with old data, and job data is generally displayed incorrectly.
For any pilot, the most important thing is the hours that he has flown, just like in real life.
It is usually said that a pilot has flown a certain number of hours, and many understand his level of professionalism.
Perhaps I am mistaken and many of those present here will disagree with me, but this is my personal opinion.
It is very sad when you have flown a large number of hours, like some forum participants (over 1000), and as a result they are reset to zero :unamused:

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ah, I read it in way the “whole sim” and so I only would mention that it is very disappointing if users lost the statistics, but these are only stats in the virtual world…

Beside of this I would be also not happy if I lost my current values, but these are like yours, since long time not in sync with real-flight-time. I can’t remember when I checket last time my flight-hours. Losing my joystick settings and do all the in-game settings again, will much more worst for me :slight_smile:

yes… it would be interessting how the implementation now match the existing achivments with the zero’d values. May be dev’s have to implement an additional check that users at least can start at here achivments…

yep… same as you I told only my thinking in a hopefully not personal attacking way. Thought we have discussion forum :slight_smile: .


It sounds like the Zendesk response came from some kind of prepared script. The packages that needed updating were simply for two airports DFW and SWF. I assume the files were updated to correct some known graphics anomalies at both locations.

It makes no sense that updating those particular files now would be necessary to “prepare” for the next world update, since both airports are in the USA and were part of the USA update from 2 months ago. The upcoming world update is for Europe - it has nothing to do with the US.

In any case, the existing sim should not need advance “preparation” for an upcoming update. Any changes that need to be made should be made as part of installing the new update when it is released - not before.

Staging a partial set of new files on a server in advance of the official release is dangerous. If those files get pushed to the current version of the sim that is not yet ready for them, it can break things badly.

This is the second time that Asobo has done this and broken the current version of the sim in the process.

would be very helpful that the staff team and or devs respond to this thread stating that they are aware and working on a fix or an answer to why we getting this.

Not everyone seems to have lost or have this error, but as the hours and days go by more and more are reporting about it. |I can’t do any more flights till this ■■■■ sim is fixed and on that note I do not have to spend all my 500 hours to redo all my lost flights

Same Problem here.

while in a middle of flight, the pop-up “Warning: Your packages are out of date .” come thru. At the time i click on not to update, as i was 3 minutes out of 7h to finish my flight.

since that instant I lost server contact, all ATC sound , and real time scenery on the flight

All new restarts of the game, i have No servers available , no Marketplace, live weather or multiplayer.


Thanks for the headsup! I put a NOTAM in our group to avoid using MSFS till it is fixed. We don´t want to loose our stats. All addon purchases are suspended untill further too.

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Yes I agree. I support such communication and am very happy about it :+1:

you can make a copy of your settings from the “Microsoft Flight Simulator” folder along this path:
C: \ Users \ name \ AppData \ Roaming \ Microsoft Flight Simulator

This folder contains settings for the keyboard, camera, saving missions and tasks.

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Actually, it IS the whole simulator. The logbook wipe that some people experience is just a side effect/symptom of the sim losing all online functionality when the “Packages out of date” message appears. Bing Imagery, Photogrammetry, Live Weather, Azure ATC voices, the marketplace. All gone, once that message pops up. Yes, you can ignore the message by saying “No”, but from that point on no real world textures or photogrammetry will be streamed into the sim and it reverts to the atrocious looking default offline scenery.

So yeah, the whole simulator is a complete mess right now. Every flight is basically the equivalent of a time limited demo that turns off all the selling point features after a random amount of flying time, which isn’t fun, I assure you just wait for the hammer to drop the whole time.


you would thinik they would throw out a quick fix this weekend

I think this will not happen until Monday.
Now everyone has a weekend. We’ll have to wait a bit.

unlikely: they f***ed up something last friday before they left the office and won´t be back until monday. Then they´ll have a meeting about this and might find a solution next tuesday. Earliest. A perfect way to build a bad reputation…

always happens on the weekend, never fails

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Well if you rush to finish your designated work by Friday and make it live as you walk out the door …

what I wrote:

But together with @DenisVarlamov88 we clarifed my misunderstanding what he has meant: …the profile stats of entire sim…


Ah okay, gotcha!

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The packages out of date error started before these 3 USA items got updates. Maybe the beta test is to blame and instead of admitting it they made these 3 unrelated updates and called it a preparation for WU4.

So I’m guessing that there is no solution nor a official statement from Asobo or Microsoft yet on this?

I’m asking because I’m wondering if I should or should not fire up my sim.

I’m gonna play Hitman this weekend!!

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Yeah. In that way… I think that I like how this formum work, but maybe it can be a good idea if they can put “remarks” or “highlights” on their anouncements so people can find what MSFS/Asobo said rightaway. Instead of thinking that Asobo/MSFS don’t say anything because they can’t find it.