Playtime gone missing [Packages out of date]

I believe the logbook was “lost” because I was in flight when they pushed out the update and kicked everyone out. That might have caused a corrupt entry in the log which causes everything before it to be ignored.
Hopefully they will be able to remove the corrupt entry.

One other thing I’ve noticed - in addition to lost all hours and all settings back to default) is that in the Hangar now - the camera is just static - no longer gliding around the aircraft surfaces and swapping between external and interior views.
Which is a shame.

Maybe the next thing will be aircraft exploding right after takeoff.

What ever you do, do not click “YES” when the pop up message appear.

No that doesn’t help. I clicked no, exited the sim, restarted and still lost all my flight log.

It is pure arbitrarily it seems. I clicked no, all the logs still OK. Then enabled online mode in settings again, message came up again, clicked yes, logs still OK. Then installed the extra content that became available, and logs still OK. Everything is normal now again, so no major issues here.

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I paused a flight and came back to packages out of date warning and lost all my hours. it’s like I’m starting over

Started the sim, did a short flight 12:08 UTC with C152 from EHBE. No comm, traffic off, clear skies.

Checked logbook and settings and market place, no issues. The header line reports version

… for now :partying_face:


Options → General → Accessibility → Menu Animations

Good man. Thanks.

Had the same issue. Went to options, flicked online services on, then got the packages out of date thing. Clicked yes. Got sent to the screen press key to continue. Sim got stuck there in a loop. Alt tab out of the sim. Closed the sim from windows. Restarted the sim. Now all works fine…wtf!

Reply from Zendesk:

“The pop-up “Warning: Your packages are out of date.” appears in order to prepare MSFS for the release of the upcoming World Update IV. This message may appear when you switch from offline to online mode.”

(no admission that it was the program that forced me to go offline and relogin !!)

Followed by:
" To get rid of this pop-up, click Yes. The sim will restart by itself.
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused."

(No understanding that it is looping, nor that it wiped the logs)

So where did all the log books go ?

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Remarkable. We’ve seen that same message yesterday in this topic, apparently Taleboules2146 is a representative, able to provide us sneak previews of official Zendesk messages ? Nice to know that

Yesterday I flew from the city of Paro, and during the flight I got a warning about old data. When I went to my desktop, the “Official” folder was empty.
The number of my flight hours before this error was 303 hours and 630 hours in Steam, but then 303 hours disappeared and became zero



I had to re-download and install all the files (150 GB).
But when I loaded my last save in AppData-Roaming (saved a couple of days ago), the profile also shows 0 hours.
Now attention❗

On the 4th screen, the entries in the pilot’s profile remain, but at the same time it also shows 0 flight hours and in missions everything is zero,

although if you look at the 5th screen, you can see that all missions have been completed

Now I understand that the problem has affected many people. Is it possible to restore the profile?
This is the end?!
Now the simulator turns out to be a complete mess. Old data mixed with new data and the result is a mess.
I really love MSFS 2020 and the other day I was going to write a good review on Steam, but now I decided to wait.
We will wait for Monday, perhaps the developers will help us.!

I know, many users have another thinking, but I want to relativate this a bit.

It is the logbook about you speak and not the whole “simulator”… In other sims , e.g. DCS, nobody is interessted for the flight time count, becaue they want flight and not compare flight hours ( mostly done with the Auto-Pilot ).

That users have to rework here settings and/or can currently not use some online features, is more worst. But I assume the dev team is working on it and the sim can then be uses as before.

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Well the fake airline pilot crowd do not really fly MSFS but that is beside the point. The bug does not just wipe the hours it wipes out the record of all your flights. You end up with a totally blank log book with no flights listed at all.

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Is it possible that it also did bug the photogrammetry? I’m flying now over the Bahamas and it doesn’t look that great.

Yeah, that was their standard answer last night. Just amazed that they told it to me though lol, as I feel they did not bother to follow up and read all the posts here, nor check my links, nor read that it was looping, not just a “Oh, updates, don’t know how!” request lol

The problem with the deleted logbook and settings has existed for some time.
I have 2 tickets open since 31.3 and have not yet received a useful answer.