In-Game Achievements Progress and Pilot Profile Got Reset After the Gaming Services Issue

Brief description of the issue:

After the recent Gaming Services ver. 18001 issue (The sim shows welcome screen and ask for initial setups on EVERY LAUNCH), I’ve lost 4 of my achievements in-game progress.
Landmarks the Spot” and “SIDs and STARs” got reset from 100% to 0% and “Decathlon” and “World Traveler” for reset from around 50% to 0%.

These 4 achievements are very time consuming and I can’t believe these 4 and only these 4 achievements got reset. There’s must be some kind of a bug inside the cloud save that didn’t sync over the stats for these 4 achievements and I’m wondering how can you fix it.

Please fix this Asobo. I don’t want to to them again just because something wrong on your side. It’ll ruin the fun out of it.

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Achievement 1 Achievement 2
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This happened right after the Gaming Services issue with ver. 18001. After launching the sim it asked for initial setups and after finishing up the setup and entered the game I can see these achievements progress got reset.

Did you submit this to Zendesk? If so, what is your ticket #?
#94230 and it’s been requalified to “Bug”.

The most annoying thing about this bug is that the Decathlon achievement requires you to complete 10 “spotlight” weekly activities which ASOBO DID NOT roll out on a weekly basis. The reset for this achievement means it’ll take another 6 month or so for me to get what I’ve already got in the progress which is 60% (6 completion of the spotlight activities).

The other 3 achievements can be re-obtained by re-fly all the landings and re-watch all the landmarks but that achievement can’t be done just by redoing anything.

This is pretty unfair to players like me who have already affected by the Gaming Services issue which is not affecting everyone.

Are we the chosen ones to suffer from all the issues and bugs or what?

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Holy #$#%##^^%$@

and 0,000 0,000

Oh yeah and that lol. This clearly means while our profile is being stored in the cloud, some of the data is clearly missing when uploading. This is a serious problem and it could be whether Asobo did it intentionally or didn’t even notice since the beginning.

I’ve changed the title to fit the problem. Achievements progress AND Pilot Profile.

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Time to log out from: game, ms store, xbox app and restart system.

Any luck with that?

AAAAAAAAAAALLLRIGHT! ZEEERO Crashes! :+1: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hahaha That’s one way of looking at it indeed. But the achievements progresses though…

I’ve just logged out of MS Store, Xbox app, Xbox Companion app and the sim itself. Restarted the PC and log everything back in.
Can confirm the progresses are NOT back.
Probably lost for good.

Smth is wrong with my statistics and achievements

Yup same thing here. It must be the cloud save’s problem.

Probably, yes.

Just checked on my Xbox profile on the Microsoft site and the achievements are still there, just not showing up in the sim. Hopefully it means that all is not lost!

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If you have any achievement that’s not unlocked, be prepared to do all of the progress again from the beginning since if your in-game progress got reset, the Xbox’s account’s achievements progress won’t keep growing until you’ve match the progress in-game.

Good excuse for more flying and maybe I can invoice my electricity bill to Microsoft :wink:


I confirm that certain achievement progress tracking has been reset to ‘nil’ in the game, flight hours reset to 0. However the progress is still recorded when viewed through the xbox app. Same achievement progress lost as others reported above.

@tamalien Did you forward the achievement progress problem to the developers?

I updated my zendesk ticket and pointed to this thread :smiley:


Hi Tamalien, although your Xbox achievement progress is not lost, it is useless now since the progress won’t grow until you’ve hit the same progress in-game. So the in-game achievements progress reset is still a relatively serious issue.

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