Playtime gone missing [Packages out of date]

And your logbook is restored? Or is this from when it was broken?

This is what I suspect that “kh_logbook” is on my system, with my current broken size:

ah… no… I not have the issue at least for now ( knocking on wood ). Only mention the way how the backup can works. We tried this for a steam user already within an older thread, more related to the joystick settings than the logbook .

Such a major mistake shouldnt be treated with complete silence from developers.
I agree

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As the updates arent optional we just have to have our fingers crossed and hope it will work. Like with any windows update…

The DATA is not working !!! It is not possible to switch it on, so in a nutshell MSFS2020 is ready for the nackers yard. With no DATA there is no weather, Bing data so MSFS now looks as bad as P3D and X-Plane.
Joy :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :rage:

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Those are the UI files, not the actual logbook and profile.

Steam: Steam version / Issues with Microsoft Store - #2 by SANGEKi1985

MS Store: Export log book - #5 by mixMugz

This is really very irritating and I wish we had had some communication from Asobo, it’s really poor. I don’t care about the stupid logbook hours but not being able to actually use the sim in the online capacity is really bad. I’m assuming we might not see a fix until at least Monday given the silence of Asobo and as it’s now the weekend?

The strange thing is its the same bug for everyone but not with the same issues. I lost some of my Logbook Entries but my Sim works perfectly fine otherwise. The same Bug literally did completly break the Sim for other people.

Yeah, I realise that, as it says “UI” in it’s title.
We also said that we think they are stored in the wgs files, but we don’t know for sure if there is anything stored elsewhere … for example, there are settings cfg files dotted all over other directories that are not in the wgs dirs.
Also, the containers.index file in there only seems to have references to input profiles.
I mean, it is possible that as the data has disappeared, it might usually be stored in there, but until confirmed by an actual dev, I cannot trust that the wgs is where all the logbook details are stored.

At least Steam was easy and I’ve already recovered my logbook and profile from a backup.

thats true and similar to steam logbook. As we can see that affected users have e.g. the “600” next target, but “0 hours”. We not know what exactly these logbook file contains.

ah, thanks for info… so it works ensured also for the logbock. I was only sure about the input files :slight_smile:

Achievements are separate from the logbook, think it’s the GRANTEDREWARDS.BIN file

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What is interesting - and I lost my hours too - is that the next level for you is showing at 2000 HRS - It should - if hours are really gone - show 50 HRS as the next level.
I had 205 HRS and though mine are “gone” my next level is showing at 300 HRS.
All my Achievements are still showing.
It’s perplexing. It’s like the sim knows how many hours you’ve got but isn’t displaying them. There’s hope yet we might get them back, no?

is what @SubtotalGuide81 wrote… the Achievements :slight_smile:

Strange is how these are stored remotly… because in steam cloud there is no other file for that. May be it’s not remote stored… who knows… :wink:

Seems obvious to me there are server issues that need to be resolved at the MS end of things. Think we just need to patient.

Also there has been a number of moderator posts and several posts by Jummivana in this thread - so not true to say there has been no communication. The problem has been acknowleged and being worked on. It is also the middle of the night in Seattle right now.

I’ve been redirected to this thread from others that indicate a similar issue, also the Known issues page reflects the problem but not a solution.

For me the issues is resulting in a loss of all online services (logbook, weather, scenery, marketplace, multiplayer, etc). I dismissed the 'Packages out of date" prompt while flying but have tried to see if an update triggers by a restart, or via the store, but nothing.

The thread and known issue is not reflecting the scale of the problem methinks…

Managed to get online again: Options/Data/Online Functionality (ON)

You have to wonder what happens to new flights if the old logbook is restored.

I had also about 305 hours flown and my next goal was 400hours. Now 1hr with 400hr goal.
Achivements also stays the same and more interesting thing is that in profile you have one record called Total flight time in seconds which if you divide it twice by sixty you get about the number of flying hours. Mine was little bit off because I had 305hr and in seconds it corresponded to 298hr. But still at least some information stayed.


The “Lowest height flown”, “total hours flown”, “total distance taxiied” etc. are kept in a different location, they are not lost, so it knows your total hours flown, for example, and so can see how far to your next hours award.