Please explain the weather

Depends on what you want to do: fly on Vatsim or IVAO? Then live weather is indeed obligatory, at least up to a certain degree of accuracy. If you fly offline anyway it doesn’t matter at all, you can set up whatever you want then. A significantly higher number of good presets would be great then too.

At this very moment and state of the sim I don’t see any advantage or importance of real weather except the laziness of the users to deal with this topic when setting up a flight.

Further down the road, when the more detailed addons appear, it will certainly become a very important factor pretty quickly and then it would be good if Asobo had already worked it out.

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Presets are a lot worse than real weather and make flight planning a jeopardy as well.
Currently there is simply no way to know how the conditions at the arrival airport are. ATIS is wrong, ATC gives wrong wind readings even on final, wind socks are wrong, METARs do not match, and there is no other way to obtain the situation prior landing.

And that is a total disappointment for a flight sim, where weather plays a huge role.


Considering the fact that VATSIM is an official partner of MSFS / MS / Asobo, the weather and navdata compatibility issues should be a top priority.

We should be able to use MSFS in VATSIM without having to worry about weather mismatch. The weather VATSIM controllers see should be the pilot’s/MSFS user’s weather too, and vice versa.

Similarly, since MSFS has up-to-date navdata from Airbus built-in, a MSFS user flying on VATSIM should be able to use this navdata with ease without having to buy Navigraph subscription. Since VATSIM is an official partner of MSFS / MS / Asobo, they need to have access to this up-to-date navdata from Airbus and always use it for MSFS users on the network.


I realize the more advanced aircraft are not really usable yet, but personally I’d like to enjoy the GA aircraft that work well. I’d like to fly online with them now, with VATSIM using real world weather. Instead I have to always set my weather to clear so that when ATC assigns me a runway, I don’t have a strong tailwind or crosswind.

I’m not sure what you mean by laziness. Are you saying that users are lazy because they don’t manually adjust the weather during flight?

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I wasn’t aware that Vatsim already works with MSFS (or vice versa) as I haven’t cared about it yet. I totally agree that correct online weather is mandatory for correct online flying.

With laziness I meant the “single click” opportunity to be preferred to setting up some custom weather, I didn’t mean it to sound accusive, language issues probably :smiley: I don’t like extensive weather modelling either when I just want to do a quick local flight but it IS a possibility to get to fly into some drama ^^

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The “225 degrees at 2/3kts” issue raised by the author of “Live Weather and Wind Readings are Not accurate” and by the author “Live weather is not working” has been fixed on Update 2 (

Fixed live weather wind offset in higher latitude areas (America, Asia…) that was causing the 3kts Wind bug

Regarding the topic “[Consolidated Vote] Live Weather Issues (v1.9.5.0)” ([Consolidated Vote] Live Weather Issues (v1.9.5.0)), the author of the topic is not raising any specific issue that could be use as a direct goal to improve/fix the user experience and the answers are describing multiples issues/concerns. We cannot dig into every individual answer in every thread.

A similar example is the topic “Crash to desktop without error messageCrash to desktop without error message) with 441 votes. It’s not a “useful” topic to work with. Crash without error message can happen for multiple reasons and are not always related to the game. We also chose to ignore this thread in the Snapshot.

The most efficient way to raise an issue to the team with the vote system is to open ONE thread for ONE specific issue and to be sure this issue hasn’t been raised before by another user on the forum.


Good question!

Firstly, thank you very much for responding to my message…

Okay, but the basic premise of this message states that …

Are you saying that when we experience a live weather discrepancy, that we should open a new post for voting? I guess I’m not following you. I have opened a Zendesk ticket for example that states something like “Weather was completely incorrect at KACK today”, but how do you post this to the forum and expect people to vote on it? They haven’t been to KACK. They just know that weather is incorrect where they have flown and so they vote on one consolidated topic so it gets attention. In this case they have voted on [Consolidated Vote] Live Weather Issues (v1.9.5.0). This discussion also includes the information that ATIS is broken, which I also reported to Zendesk.

I could open Zendesk ticket everyday stating that weather is incorrect and where. I don’t understand why I would have to do that because anyone can load up the sim and see that the weather most times does not match real world conditions. Please let us know how we can help, we would love to get this resolved.


And there you go! Sounds like Asobo thinks the current weather system works. Looks like MSFS will always be just a GAME just like MS Flight if that’s the case.


Exactly what you are talking about :smiley:

by the same token, people put to much stock in METAR too, it is depreciated the longer it is since it was recorded and the further away and higher you are from the location.

likewise there are vast swaths of the earth that don’t have METAR coverage, and area with large distances between METAR stations which relaying on METAR alone is also inaccurate.

I live ~8nm away from a METAR station as the crow fly’s and I quite often look at the raw feed, and you would be surprised how often where I am and where it is disagree in some easily observable fashion like wind direction or cloud.

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What is wrong here? Exactly. Nothing.

If you can reproduce the issue like the 225/3kts wind issue it means it’s a bug and yes we would like you to report it on Zendesk:

live weather isn’t working reliably.

To be frank this kind of report is too generic to start with. It’s like “multiplayer isn’t working properly”.

The most efficient way to report a bug/an issue here or on Zendesk is to follow these steps below:

  1. A brief summary of the bug/issue.
  2. A screenshot/video of the bug/issue.
  3. Detailed steps to reproduce the bug/issue.
  4. Information on your system specifications.

Of course there’s way to improve the voting system and to handle these topics, reports and users feedback. Rest assured that we are strongly working on it.

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I’m sorry, this is simply ridiculous! As the author of the thread “Live Weather Issues”, I’m completely and utterly shocked by such a response!

I’ve updated the initial post so that you now have your SPECIFIC issue right at the beginning of the post.


What are these pics supposed to prove?

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Thank you for answering. Would you have the courtesy to take time to understand the issue many of us have, please?

We are more or less aware of the current limitiations of the Meteoblue forecast-based weather model. Can we please get a clear statement on whether Asobo will be working to make live weather in the sim closer to real world weather and at least have METAR based weather around airports working correctly?

Please be specific and accountable in your statement.

Because as an advanced user, flight planning is often pointless or needlessly inaccurate, due to sim weather not matching real weather conditions accurately most of the time. Enroute winds are not matching available planning ressources online, neither are winds at depature and destination. Temperatures are often wrong and I also saw the dewpoint exceeding the temperature frequently, which is almost impossible under most conditions near the ground.

There are noticable flaws and errors in the whole ATIS-Wordmap-Weather system, creating mismatching values and values that are incorrect alltogether. While the weather engine looks impressive visually, the purpose of it seems rather moot, if users can not do accurate performance calculations or even decide if they file an IFR or VFR flightplan.

This problem will aggravate further, when we get study level airplanes from 3rd parties that rely on somewhat accurate weather, because they themselves will provide accurate performance with less tolerances in regards to engine power and fuel consumption.


Check METAR (Skyvector) and my display.

And? You are not on ground so how can I judge if the weather is correct?

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Congrats! You hit the magic 25% or 30% :slight_smile:

Just curious, does weatherproblems have something to do with slower internett speeds ? I have no issues at all with 500Mb but a friend running the minimum of 50 does have issues once in a while…