Please focus Sim Update 12 on stability and functionality

I don’t think we need a whole SU for some of these issues.
Come on now. If MS/Asobo notice something isn’t working quite right and they happen to find a fix for it, then just give us a Patch/Hotfix. No need to drag us through the mud for a month or two, waiting on another SU.


Im Xbox series s i with you and i wish to do that achievement Asobo to microsoft hq

All - Believe the reason for the “long testing” is that if they push out Hotfix for one thing, it could break something else. That has been the case since release. They should have kept it in the lab a year longer before public release IMHO. The 787/747 did not fly anyway correct until SU5, and WU9 killed machine, and had to start over.

Opinion-World Updates should be voluntary-not mandatory. I can pick and choose in X-Plane what regions of the world I want to install, that should be option here. That parts of the updates are downloaded to us, and part of them are in Content manager is also weird, why not just lump all into one download package which is option for. Base airports are mostly fine, upgraded ones are nice but If I do not fly to that region, no need for me to have a Mercedes when a VW beetle will work.
Please remember we are all different to “what we want”, so please do not blast me as I get it, some people have to have it all.

I have made similar statements throughout this forum — specifically about the aircraft.

I simply cannot understand why the Asobo aircraft can’t just receive small fixes and have those pushed to us in the same way that the 3rd party developers do.

Clearly, the aircraft are modules just like any 3rd party one is a module and, as such, shouldn’t need to be tied to an SU to have small bug fixes addressed and pushed to us.

(Worse still are the bugs to aircraft that are introduced during a SU and then don’t get fixed before the SU releases and we’re stuck with them for indefinite periods of time. SU10 will be no exception, either.)

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But this version of MSFS was based off the principle of “We have all this Bing data, is there a way we can model the whole world with it”. In order to do that proof of concept, they needed to be able to hire some developer. The problem was, they would present it and everyones objection was the same “we don’t know anything about flight”. So Jorg presented the internals for FSX. And Asobo, the first version of this was they wrote all the backend data pieces that merged all the different data sources (The BlackShark processed Bing data, weather, etc). They also wrote the front end piece of the displays. But the middle layer, that was the FSX code that they interfaced into the newly written areas.

Over the two plus years, the Asobo team has taken flight training, and they have learned the physics, etc. They know this stuff now. And the FSX core was rewritten with SU5. But if we hadn’t started with that FSX core, it is doubtful that we ever would have gotten this sim.

SU7 had the beginnings of the rework for weather. You notice that has taken several sim updates. So here you are talking about you want the ATC reworked, the traffic reworked, ground services reworked. All of those things are something just one sim update itself could be dedicated to. And keep in mind, there will be things that come out in SU11 that will need to be addressed. AND… I hate to remind everyone, but the first initial stab at seasons was supposed to happen late this year.

I know its frustrating, but some of this stuff, it takes time. Helicoptors have been a big ask for a long time, after two years we are just getting that. It takes time to do some of this stuff right. So asking for a Sim Update that has too much work for one update, but offsetting it by telling them that they should do nothing else, it isn’t going to make it easier to pull off.

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To be honest I am beginning to consider deleting the sim from my xbox. I’ve put in so much money into this sim and they just won’t fix it. That’s all we want, is for the sim to be fixed! The last 2 sim updates have done nothing to fix it.


Based on my own limited experience with MSFS since May 2022 on Xbox X, I’d suggest before you give up, to uninstall MSFS (don’t save settings, either on device or in xbox cloud), and factory reset your xbox, then re-install MSFS and set up as new. Don’t install any addons, just set up your controllers and try it. A lot of the instability I had was due to corrupted updates - something they have addressed (hopefully) but any historical corrupted files will still be sitting there causing issues.

When I did this, I had a much more stable experience (with no addons other than all the world updates)

If that works well, then start adding back other purchases, 1 at a time to see which work, and which don’t. There is a growing number of people asking MS / Asobo to clarify accountability when a purchase of a 3rd party addon via Xbox MSFS marketplace doesn’t work after a sim update. Right now it seems it’s buyer beware.


I want to acknowledge the progress made towards this request already with SU10 and SU11 beta - in my own limited testing on Xbox, things are much more stable now for the stock sim, using only default Asobo planes. It appears that the work on solving the memory issues have done a lot to fix stability for many.

But, I want to keep this request alive - Sim Update 11 and the 40th anniversary edition are expected to deliver new helicopters, gliders, and planes to mark the occaision.

I’m still hoping that the next Sim Update cycle (or cycles, eg SU12) will include at least some focus on finishing / improving the functionality of the default planes (747-8, King Air 350i, etc) that are just as iconic, but increasingly orphaned by missing avionics functionality. And of course the usual list of ATC, ground services, a Bing Maps refresh, allowing free improvement mods on the marketplace for Xbox - all of those old, long reported things that if fixed, would bring the neglected parts of the sim up to the standard of quality being set by the newer features.

I would like to also highlight (again) that as a customer I’m still unclear on the official marketplace refund policies - example, if a sim update breaks a 3rd party purchase, and the review process to get updates on the marketplace takes longer than the next SU update, which may futher break it - what should we expect?

Thanks to the developers (and the forum) again for all the work fixing stability so far, I hope the momentum will continue on the functionality side as well, as it is appreciated. Thanks.


SU12 must be dedicated for weather

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8 hours no ctds for me but I haven’t katl ctds and cockpit screen going out every time at Atlanta Airport

SU12 should focus on fixing overdue, long requested bug fixes and wishlist items to the core of the sim.

Many of these are EASY fixes. Many are from 2020.

  • The World Update needs an option to clear all “New” tags/labels. This should be an extremely simple and quick fix.

  • Misc. World Map Issues
  • The ability to favorite aircraft
  • Bring back old events. Xbox users did not have a chance to play most spotlight events. They already exist. Please add them to the “Activities” tab.
  • Fix green roads
  • Fix issues related to the logbook and allow users to correct errors manually.

Now that SU11 is out, I would like to keep this request active.

MS / Asobo have given us new things to try in MSFS 40th Anniversary Edition (SU11, and I’m just getting around to installing it). And, have also done a lot of work to address chronic stability issues (SU10). Thank you on both counts.

But please consider making SU12 all about completing missing functionality (of AI traffic, ATC, Ground Services, default plane avionics, etc), and fixing longstanding bugs. I acknowledge the continued addition of Working Title’s Garmin units to replace the default Asobo units in the Sim, and look forward to the CJ4 and G3000 refreshes that are coming soon…but the 747 and others are neglected…)

I would value this above anything else new, at this point. New planes will always be in the pipeline, and are great to look forward to, but it’s time to focus on bringing all those other things up to the same level of quality, so that collectively it’s consistent, and less immersion breaking. Just one user’s opinion / request. Thank you.


In his latest video, Russ Barlow (a pilot of 55 years and 23,000 hours) articulates his top 5 immersion killers in MSFS, some of which are echoed in this thread. Like Russ, I want MSFS to succeed and to improve, so I hope the devs notice this theme.

And he articulates it so well: MSFS is so good that once your brain is tricked in to thinking it’s real, when something that doesn’t look right comes in to your view (or work as expected) it sticks out immediately, and breaks immersion.


Please fix Xbox version screens going black and then ctd

Wow! I can’t say enough about how I’ve experienced the same frustration. In the last 2 months in particular, I’ve got so much crashing and seizing ups that it’s becoming exhausting and frustrating. Every time it happens,
I can’t just relaunch . I have to go all the way back out and fully shut down first before having a chance it will work next time.

I’m relieved it’s not just me. And I have pretty decent specs with a 3080 and a AMD Ryzen 9 3900 XT, and 32 GB of ram.

The stability has gone to hell the last two months. And I can’t really isolate the cause with any consistency. Even when I remove all the files in the my community folder , it still seizes up or crashes.
And it’s weird but it seemed that anytime I tried to fly the DC-3, it would not only crash or seize up, it seems to me using it has caused instability problems across the entire platform.

And sometimes in the middle of a flight the system will suddenly go bonkers, where it’s like my cockpit is spinning on a gimble, the thing just goes upside down and bouncing off the walls, it’s insane. And my saitek radio , the one with the landing gear and flaps and autopilot on it , the autopilot light will come on white and my landing gear will only show two green when things get crazy/ Other times I can hear this weird hollowed out sound phasing in and out, that’s when I know things arnt right. Anyone else experience these weird off the wall instability symptoms?

At first I was usually able to resolve by unplugging and replugging the USB cables as I have many plug ins for peripherals etc . But now I’m not sure anymore if that still helps or not like it used to.

Another thing, ya know how we can usually spawn ourselves anywhere on a map? We just copy the bing coordinates and paste them into the custom box to spawn in flight anywhere. Well, for the DC-3 , that function doesn’t work. I don’t know why . I haven’t tried to spawn with other aircraft yet but I do know I used to use that tool all the time. As OP states, the stability has recently gone all to hell . It’s become a burden to even want to play the game now. It’s like I’m having to fight to eventually load up a stable flight without CTD or this other weird stuff I described. It wears you down so much it takes away any desire to want to go play it . It’s aweful.

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As I’m sure everyone else has said, SU12 needs to be focused heavily on optimisation and fixes, it’s ok adding all these new features, but some can’t even use basic features.


I want to acknowledge (again) the progress made towards this request - the Avionics and Aircraft Update 1 (AAU1 beta testing) is a giant step forward. I can only hope that they will commit to completing the avionics for the rest of the default airplanes.

I really do hope that the other aspects that make (or break) MSFS immersion will receive the same level of improvement so that MSFS has a more consistent quality:

  • Air Traffic Control would be my first choice to work on, as the immersion is great if/when it works (which is rarely at the moment).
  • AI traffic behaving appropriately to the context
  • Ground services and vehicles behaving appropriately to the context
  • Bing Maps…

I thought I was being realistic when I opened this request during SU10 testing, but it seems that with SU12 as the next release, these items are still much further out on the horizon. But I want to keep the requests alive. Thanks. Happy holidays.


agreed, as always WT made a fantastic job on avionics

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