Roads and streets are green and low resolution

Hey fellow pilots, I noticed that german streets looks more like meadows. Since streets are good for orientation its a bit sad they look in this way.

Do you got the same problems?


Hi, I have observed the same around the Chicago area. I think it has something to do with the satellite imagery used. It needs to be colour corrected but this would be an enormous task world wide. Sorry I can’t offer a solution though.


Opening a Zendesk ticket probably can’t hurt

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I can confirm, EDDF Frankfurt direction south,
for example A5 looks like it could be improved. :wink:

Yep. Such roads show up lots of places, and like said, it has to do with the satellite image used.

Makes it really hard to follow railroad tracks near my home in some places also, and in some cases the ai even thinks they’re rows of trees, lol.

I am NOT saying that this is the case, it MIGHT be though. Sadly, a few years ago, the German government did not want any of their lands/people/etc. to be in ‘detail’, thus they demanded people such as Google to REMOVE ALL STREET VIEWS.

You can see this for yourself if you try to use Google’s Street View - There is nothing anymore. :frowning: There used to be, I would view areas I once lived in, but now I can not longer do this.

This may also extend to high detail satellite images as well as it is possible to identify ‘things’. As being required by German government, what we are allowed to have is old/low detail images.

Just a thought…


Yeah, sorry, that’s not true. Individual Germans had the option to have their houses blurred in Street View (for apartment buildings, it was enough if one of the tenants requested it). As for satellite images, you can still make out details such as rearview mirrors.


Go pull up Street Views for Germany - It is pretty much empty. MS is not going to ‘pick and choose’ what areas are allowed or not. They would just blank out the whole area.

This would explain why it is missing in these areas. Is it? I do not know. However, this does ‘fit’ the question at hand. If you feel it is not, then what is your possible answer? :slight_smile:

Note: The blue areas are where Google Street Views is ‘working’. No blue? No Google Street Views.



Let’s compare it to the border with France. :+1:

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Hmm, interesting. Everywhere I ever looked, there was Street View available, but I guess I wasn’t looking outside of some bigger cities. :no_mouth:

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Nein bei mir nicht
Bei mir springt eher die 787 Farbe von blau auf Grün :joy:

It is just a theory I have and I could be totally wrong. But it SEEMS to fit though. That is also what they said about OJ and the glove too…heheehe :wink:

Thank you @ojhwel for stating what you did. Most would not have and I appreciate it! :slight_smile:


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Silly German Privacy Laws

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bad satelite images, bad quality of the scenery/streets. excepting the photogrammetry cities in germany.

Bad Bing pictures… Google & Apple is clean. :smiley:

A few screenshots (DE-Lahr - FR-Paris at 2000ft).
Do you see differences?



Uploading: Microsoft Flight Simulator 31.08.2020 19_55_01.png… Uploading: Microsoft Flight Simulator 31.08.2020 19_55_50.png…

@Microsoft Thanks for the great upload function! :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:t2:

In Germany the influence of the ecological movements and the green party is obviously more evident than in France … :sweat_smile:

Sad Enough :wink:
sometimes it seems like the streets got its navigations markings too (white shapes on the stright like a map)

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Not every green road/street is wrong. There are many that colour, especially in southern Holland, Belgium and northern France, usually secondary routes. That green is very close to the actual colour btw.
A lot of the autobahn(s) are concrete, so it may be blueish in some light situations, maybe too much so perhaps.
You should be able to find brick red roads in England too. Not brick roads, actual red painted/tinted asphalt.

True that but german autobahn is never greenish and most of the normal streets are grey too. I think that trees next to streets are the problem. In Germany we got many alleys

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