Improve the world map

The world map is just so very basic, at times it’s borderline useless.

  1. Superimpose international borders, also country names (could be switched on or off in Filters).
  2. Cities and major Town names, when zoomed in, could also be made optional.
  3. Improve the underlying image of the world. It really is a useless blur of nothingness when zoomed in. If this is created in vector format it’s overall memory footprint will be small, whilst being infinitely scalable with no loss of resolution.
  4. When flight planning between airports, please indicate to the player (this is for non-pilots) the most logical direction of departure and arrival on runways (optional, can be turned-off in Filters) and calculate flight plan accordingly. No nasty surprises or awkward turns/obstacles on take-off or landing.

Also it would be great to be able to see frequencies for ils, vor etc on the world map.


Maybe it will help when you send your request at Zendesk

The link is on the top and there is a link “Submit your request”

I hope STKP will work soon on second machine and not only local, then
i have a real world map

Yeah - I’ll vote for this.

Found a little convenient airfield in the general direction I was heading yesterday - Jorge Newbery Aeroparque … when I arrived I found I was on the edge of a fairly large city. Had to resort to Google Maps to find where I was (can hear some of you laughing already) … a little place called Buenos Aires.

Yes please let’s have some map details :slight_smile:


Also add the posibility to move the plane manually and set ils approaches without been in the main menu.


Maybe other out there miss borders to show where a country is on the world map?
Wish they fixed the world map to at least have a filter showing borders.


Yes, there should also be a topographical layer, so we can actually identify mountains, mountain ranges, smaller lakes, roads and rivers, which is kinda essential for any VFR planning that isn’t just about going directly from airport to airport in a straight line.


Yes, the world map should show a) country borders and b) a layer which contains the satellite photos and / or a geo-layer. By zooming in the world map gets lost and makes navigation or searching for POI & airports difficult.
Even POI / airport names should be pointed by name depending on the zoom scale; actually there are only spots and its uncomfortable to zoom in until the name of the airfield is displayed.


100% agreed :+1:

Some posts mention zooming the world map but I haven’t fopund how to do this. Anyone care to enlighten me!

With the mouse scroll-wheel - if your mouse has a wheel. Perhaps not else you might have found it already.

If not, you might want to get one that does, or find the equivalent scroll function on a laptop trackpad etc. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thank you, Mustang242Sqn. I do have a scroll wheel. Must have missed it in the controls list.

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Would kill for taxiways on the airport / world map - they have them on the G1000, why not on the map? It’s hard to pick a good start point on the airport ( unless you really know it ) without showing taxi/ramp configuration. I’ve started quite a few times in a terrible location.


The World Map needs International Boundary Lines, I flew from Spain to Portugal the other day and I had no idea whether I was over Portugal or Spain as I flew, I kept on referring to the drop down map from above but there was absolutely nothing there to tell me anything. If they even had included the names of some Towns on the Map then I would have an Idea of where I was. The map apart from showing me the bearing to my direction is almost useless. Also please include a line behind the aircraft showing the flight path up to that point. All these things were in FSX so I don’t understand why they would remove these important items for this newer simulator.


In the mean time you can get all this and more from Littlenavmap. It’s a great tool.

I completely agree. Don’t want to have to Alt+Tab out of MSFS2020 just to see where the hell I’m at. Don’t understand why they couldn’t use something like FSX had if they can’t use Bing or Google maps. Can’t tell borders, can’t tell terrain. I like to fly at small airports in mountainous terrain. Goodluck finding that in this fugly grey thing they call a world map. Please UPGRADE immediately!


The lack of detail on the world map is hard to understand. I can understand that the amount of detail should be lower when zoomed out, but even then you should be able to make out country borders and major cities, even on the “satellite” image - why is that so blurred? You can’t make out large geographical features, let alone rivers and cities. The map used by the Manual cache is much higher res.

Once you start zooming in, detail is still absent by default. The map does not save your settings for the filters, so airspaces for example are missing every time - these should be important if this is a flight simulation To get any detail about most nav-aids and airports, the map must be zoomed in to 1nm scale. To get a hint of the runway direction, even closer zoom is required. Asobo should take a look at evey other VFR map out there - the aforementioned LittleNavmap is a good example of a detailed map, but probably a bit too complex for FS2020 to emulate, but to not at least try something with the detail of the most basic SkyVector maps (like for the UK) is a bit inept. After all the whole sales blurb wants you to fly the world.


A couple of weeks ago I also made a topic about improvements for the world map. I guess I’ll add the ideas here too.

@ mods, maybe the topics can be merged? (granted the vote merge issue has been fixed)


Absolutely. There is little to no airport info ATM

Please create a topic in the wishlist to be able to vote for.