Please give us an option to disable thunder / lightning in live weather

It has been quite some time where many people are experiencing Thunders/Lightning in live weather when there not supposed to be any. It is a weird bug since Developers say “we don’t see it on our side”. Yes but many people do see it and I think it has to be addressed as soon as possible because it ruins our whole experience of flying. I think what we need at the moment is at least have an option to Disable or have the slider to adjust % of Thunders/ Lightning. Please Asobo make that option for us so we can all enjoy Live Weather before this horrible bug gets resolved. Thanks in advance.

Yes, I thing such option would be awesome for the time being. Hate those thunders everywhere.

Definitely needs sorting… can’t believe they don’t see it… its constant for me every flight. You even get lightning at 24 thousand feet…4 thousand feet above the tops :confused:


You are right and i also would either like to have ‘natural’ thunder where it belongs and/or an option to disable it all together. It is pretty annoying and kills some of the ‘realism’

To put more pressure on the developers then please also upvote other threads about same, like this one i found:

Fly safe and without thunder everywhere.

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Hopefully they get it sort soon its just been to long and nothing has changed with Live Weather issues

Lets vote this thing up so we can get this option implemented!

This one has even more votes:


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isnt this a topic for #self-service:wishlist category ?

This seems to be an issue whenever flying somewhere with instability in the atmosphere, even if no clouds are present. Should be a relatively easy bug to fix, make a check for cumulonimbus clouds before displaying lightning & thunder.

Yes, it has but Devs said last week on Twitch that they don’t see this issue with lightning.

No, it isn’t.

Please give us an option to

A Bug report starts normally with other words as “Please give us…” :wink:

Ey funny guy, you mean other words “than” not ”as” says who can write properly :wink:


They do it see it but they pretend that they don’t , same with the photogrammetry and LOD issues!!!


The vote should be to fix the problem, not to add another option that will probably just break something else.

There are other threads to fix the issue. This one is just a suggestion as an intermediate workaround until they finally address the issue that has been introduced in an earlier patch (where they actually stated to have more lightning in the patch notes).

It’s up to Asobo to either fix the issue straight away or gain time by adding an option to disable it. Currently flying is no fun with all the lightning, especially at night.


Agreed 100% @Coppersens and the issue hasn’t been dealt with for a long time so we need some sort of workaround before it gets fixed

Well. The issue isn’t that old either. Just roughly a month ago it was introduced stating just:
" * Lightning have been added when applicable"
So they could as well revert exactly this change for the time being.

Yeah, maybe but it seems like forever and from all of the bugs I encountered this one is the most annoying for me.

Such statements don’t age well if the next patch breaks something else more critical :wink: . But currently it’s high on my list as well.
I often had to disable live weather just because of the lightning since it is too much immersion breaking for me to hear and see it all the time while easily flying VFR in few clouds.

Also lightning shortly decreases fps for me which is even more annoying.