Please release a VR hotfix ASAP


Only issue I have in VR is the toolbar.
Everything else works smoothly.
Touch controls can use some polish though

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Frustrum culling false
Worldscale false
Reflections false
Raindrops false
Nightlight false
Viewports in non wmr little bit false
Saturation false
Gamma false
… … … …

After an hour at the latest, my eyes hurt with FS.


That does work but I can no longer centre my head position. The button I have assigned changes to cycle through cockpit views for some reason.

I have updated to the latest version and now my VR is unplayable. Please stop breaking this app. Your quality assurance is terrible. I know people are working hard on this but there is something fundamental missing from your processes.

I have an AMD 5900x, EVGA 3080 FTW Ultra, 32GB RAM, HTC Vive Pro 2. This setup worked fine before the most recent update. Now, VR is absolutely unusable due to the lag.

Every time i launch it i never know if i will actually be able to play it. This is almost to the point that I want a refund (even though I purchased it over the summer).


I cant fly without charts and need navigraph up but pressing ctrl 0 or ctrl 1 every few minutes and sometimes seconds is not fun. Waiting for hotfix before I fly again.

This problem has been fixed in the latest public Beta release.

However, be warned, this public beta introduced a new annoying bug in VR. Whenever your mouse is hovering over a toolbar window, Flight control inputs such as Throttle, Rudder pedals etc stop working. Move mouse away from windows, controls work again. MS/Asobo have acknowledged the problem but have not said when they intend to fix it.


You only need to press CTRL 0 once at the beginning of each flight.

Not if you use cockpit zoom function. Then you have to keep switching back and forth. Almighty pain in the ■■■.

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Do you not use navigraph?

Yes I use Navigraph.

So how do you not have to press ctrl 1 and ctrl 0 every minute… whenever I’m looking at my charts I’m always back and forth checking and I cannot do it without pressing ctrl 1 to use the opened tab navigraph uses. Cant wait for a hotfix I literally cannot fly ifr right now in vr and I’m certainly not going to go pancake mode lol

I press control 0, us Ctrl Tab (which I have binded to one of the keys on my Yoke) open Navigraph charts, set it on the seat next to me and fly. Even without keeping it open, I only have to do Ctrl 0 once at the beginning of the flight in VR then I can bring up the menu bar and open anything I want any number of times without having to do Ctrl 0 each time. I don’t use cockpit zoom in VR as I just lean in to see what I need to. The only time I have to redo Ctrl 0 in a flight is if I switch out of VR and back in again.

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Excellent stuff I’ll try that… then the patch will come in and fix it again lol. Vr truly is phenomenal.

I’m glad it’s not me…I’m completely new to Flight Sims and VR. I came from triple sim racing. Friends said I’ve got to try VR, then flight sims.
I have but the tutorials are appalling. Every one of them has a VR issue. Laughably the first instruction is to get rid of the yoke. You can’t in VR. Later there are flights that say “start your stopwatch”. I can’t. My joystick throttle is mapped but I have to right click it every time to activate it. I understand there is a fix where I’m supposed, in flight, to lift my headset, find ctrl 0, and then the menus are operable. I can’t believe that the premiere Microsoft fs that has been around for years has this issue.
I’m running a G2.


Yeah it’s ridiculous they didn’t release a hot fix for the VR interaction bugs from the last sim update, but as a workaround you can download the public beta release that fixes those bugs. The download instructions are in a dedicated forum sub-section, there’s a few steps but it’s easy and a must do in my view for VR to get rid of the control-0 workaround that’s a pain to deal with every time you need to interact with the mouse. It’s been out for several weeks now with good reviews but it’s unclear when this beta will be released as the next official version.

Brilliant, thanks, I’ll give it a go.

Build a physical cockpit / panel. No more mouse issues.

Aside from clicking the silly “Ready to fly” button, I have no need for a mouse. Granted, I fly the steam gauge 172 exclusively, and have all buttons, switches and radios placed as they would be IRL.

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Please take note. The original VR issues of the menu interaction bug have been resolved in the Beta version, but A NEW BUG was introduced with the Beta in VR.

All inputs from peripherals except the main joystick axes, lock up and cannot be moved when the mouse is hovering over the window menu or any window opened from there. This can be really disruptive during certain aspects of flight. MS are aware and have not stated their intention to fix this yet.

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Im experiencing this issue in the latest public build.
It only started occurring after the ctrl 0 workaround and particularly in the Kodiak and EMB 110.

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So sad that these VR issues were left unresolved before the Xmas/NY break. I have the ctrl+0 workaround as the you cant use zoom and a few other strange behaviors. Lets hope Asobo get this fixed ASAP as it is putting me off playing the Sim