Please Tell me I am Wrong

So I notice that after this last 100gb update, my cities are gone? My settings are at high, so I am hoping I am missing something. Where are the actual buildings that where there before? Please don’t tell me we went back to FSX for some frame rates. I don’t play this often but I am noticing a nose dive in scenery quality of late.

Double check that all Data are ON in the settings. My game disabled Bing data without telling me last time.


Did the big download you mentioned include the world updates? Those are optional downloads so they may still be in your content manager.
Also check out some of the several threads about high/ultra settings not saving. You need to change to low settings, save that, and then go back in and change to high/ultra again and save that.

Actually 100go is the full install so you should check the updates in the content manager indeed, maybe none of the World Updates are installed.

+1 with the others. I did a full reinstall with SU5 due to issues I was having. I found that the world updates do not install automatically. I had to do a series of updates in the content manager, and also restart the sim after these to be able to install the world updates, as they kept giving me an error (cant remember exactly, something like corrupted packages or missing packages) and would not let me download them. I know is seems stupid that when downloading the FULL install you still need to go and do all this extra ■■■■, but that is the way it is at the moment…

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Things are working fine on my end, have you tried deleting your scenery cache, making sure all the World updates are update in the download manager, making sure you internet connection is working as expected.

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